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General Hospital on 6/26/2015 – Dante is upset, Denise & Franco fake it, Madeline seduces Ric, an unexpected kiss!

An upset Dante is at home when Lulu calls from B.C., with Dillon in the hotel room – she likes and says Lake Cuomo is very Italian, but he catches her off-guard when he asks to speak to her grandmother. She pretends she is sleeping, and he continues to ask her questions.. she doesn’t know when she will be back. She tells him she loves him and is furious with herself when she hangs up! She hates lying to him, but Dillon reminds her the kidnappers said no cops. She thanks him for keeping her grounded during this stressful time.

Dante and Lulu – miles apart!
Lulu and Dillon search the hotel database, and they talk about both Spinelli and Georgie – they admit they have both grown since then. Lulu finds Luke and Laura’s room under an old alias, they knock on the door and she confronts her parents! They’re still waiting for further contact, and Luke tells them to get the hell out! They are probably being watched and may not get in touch if they see them.. she agrees to go back to their room to wait.

Dante throws his phone across the room when Valerie arrives.. he tells her Lulu and Dillon took a flight to Vancouver, and checked into a hotel together where they are sharing a room. Valerie doesn’t know what to tell him, and he thanks her for checking up on him. He asks if she could watch Rocco while he goes to confront his cheating wife and kick her boyfriend’s ass! Valerie tells him to sleep on it, just one night… stay here, with her. Over dinner, he thinks there has to be an explanation…

Sonny’s house
Morgan tells Sonny he needs to fight his attraction to Denise, he doesn’t want to hurt Kiki but Sonny reminds him she is trouble! TJ arrives and Sonny tells Morgan that he is moving in.. and he has given him Michael’s old room. Carly returns home and he tells her the new arrangement, which makes them both a little sad as they miss Michael. Sonny wistfully says the house if full of empty rooms, including Avery’s.

Michael and Sabrina
Sabrina suggests Michael can repair the rift with his parents if he gives Avery back to Sonny. If he isn’t happy, the baby will sense that, but Michael worries if she will be okay. Sabrina understands, she thinks by taking care of AJ she is making up for what she did to Ava. Plus she isn’t her mother. Michael knows he isn’t her father, but he is worried about the danger and it would send a message that killing AJ was ok – it still feels wrong to let it go. She says the longer he holds on to his anger, the more it will hurt him – she knows that first hand. She knows how much he loves Avery – but if he gives her back he will put down the anger and vengeance and allow himself to move on. She thinks AJ would want the same and tells him to sleep on it, it’s a big decision. She will support him no matter what.

Denise and Franco – a new couple?
In front of Franco, Nina asks Denise if she is dating Franco, because he says they are? Nina accuses him of lying because he is jealous.. she asks Denise again. Denise says he is telling the truth, she puts her arms around him and gives him a passionate kiss, while Morgan watches on. Franco ends up with her gum, and Morgan asks what’s going on? Carly and Kiki explain that she is now a couple with Franco – Denise says they bumped into each other and hit it off. One thing led to another, and the rest is history. Nina stares daggers at the pair, she still doesn’t buy it. Franco says Denise is fun, and where’s her husband..? She leaves to go find Ric, and Franco drags Denise away from Morgan, Kiki and Carly.

Franco thanks Denise for backing him up, but why would she do it? He admits she could have been anybody, he just needed Nina to think he was with someone. She admits she needed the same thing, he asks who??

Kiki can’t believe Denise is dating Franco and thinks it’s nice she made a connection, but Morgan says it’s not real – she asks why it bothers him so much?

Madeline has a plan!
Ric and Madeline share a passionate kiss. He stops her and points out he is a married man, but she tells him she understands everything – she is doing this to protect her piece of the pie. She says they can both get their hands on the money and make each other satisfied as well. He says it’s tempting but his wife is downstairs waiting for him.. she tells him they should hurry then – he picks her up and takes her to the bed!

After leaving Franco and Denise, Nina lets herself into the hotel room, calling Ric’s name. He walks out in his bathrobe, pretending he wanted to take a shower after getting stuck with a client. She asks if the client is her mother, while he spots Madeline’s handbag on the chair! She asks if he knows anything about her recent release from prison…

Kiki tells Morgan they have no choice but to be happy for Denise if she is now with Franco.

Denise tells Franco she needs Kiki to think she’s with someone as she’s trying to set her up with her father. If Kiki thinks they’re dating, nobody’s feelings will get hurt.

Carly wraps her arms around Sonny – she knows he misses Michael and Avery, but he will always be their father. Just then, Michael arrives to see them.. with Sabrina pushing Avery in her carriage!

Dante clears away the dishes, he doesn’t know how he will get through the night, but Valerie says he doesn’t have to do it alone.. she is there for him. They stare at each other for a moment, he steps forward and passionately kisses her..

Luke and Laura hide while someone opens the door – they point their guns, yell “freeze”, and turn on the lights.. it’s Holly with a gun!

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