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General Hospital on 6/29/2015 – Dante apologizes, Michael gives Avery back, Ethan has been kidnapped & more!

Holly explains to a shocked Luke and Laura that Ethan has also been kidnapped! She found a matchbook with the hotel’s name on it, which is why she is there. They tell her about Jennifer Smith, who heard about Lucky’s s situation, and they haven’t heard anything since. The phone rings and Luke asks where their sons are?? The voice on the phone says he will tell them everything tomorrow, and hangs up.

Dante and Valerie
Valerie stops Dante’s kiss – he tells her there has been something between them, and she must feel it too, and he wants to get the picture of Lulu and Dillon together out of his head. Valerie doesn’t want things to happen between them as she values his friendship and doesn’t want to lose it. Meanwhile, Lulu paces back and forth in her hotel room, feeling guilty about the lies.

Dante apologize to Valerie – he wasn’t thinking, and it wasn’t okay to kiss when she didn’t want it. He doesn’t understand what’s happened to Lulu, maybe he sucks at marriage? Valerie comforts him, he’s an exceptional father and husband.. but admits he’s a lousy friend and hopes he didn’t ruin things between them. She tells him to pretend nothing happened, and it’s back to business as usual. She decides to go back to Wyndemere.

To pass the time, Lulu reads Dillon’s script and gives him a proper critique – he admits the script is about his own life!

Avery comes home!
Michael tells Sonny and Carly he is there to return Avery to her father – he knows now he did it out of spite, which isn’t fair to the baby, she deserved to be with her family. He admits Sabrina helped him make the decision, and says it’s what AJ would have wanted. Sonny is emotional, and Carly gently tells him how proud she is of him. And how sorry she is she lied when AJ died, but she didn’t want to see her family torn apart. She doesn’t expect him to forgive her, but she loves him so much.. he tearfully says he forgives her, and they hug! Sonny happily holds the baby and promises Michael he will guard her with his life. Michael gives Avery a heartfelt talk and leaves the baby with them. Carly says Avery is starting to look more like him every day, and mentions how much she saw Ava in her crazy sister Denise!

Michael and Sabrina return to her apartment, he thanks her for everything, she always knows the right thing to do. They stare at each other and start to kiss! He points out she is no longer dating her boss, and they both have to look for a job – she tells him maybe they can help each other think of something else, and they continue kissing, and move to the bedroom.

Franco vs Nina
In their hotel room, Nina asks Ric if he had anything to do with her mother’s release from prison. He denies everything, of course, while Madeline listens from the bedroom! He convinces her to go back downstairs with him to show up Franco – she agrees but flashes back to a moment with him. Ric tells Madeline she has to leave, she agrees but insists he needs to get her signature on the Power of Attorney.

At the Metro Court, Franco and Denise keep up the lovey-dovey act, while Morgan is irritated, he pulls her aside, and tries to talk her out of it.

Kiki sits with Franco and asks if he is using her aunt? He promises her that they are both really good for one another. Denise and Morgan return and Denise asks Morgan for Michael’s number – she wants to see her little niece. Just as she gets up to make the call, Franco sees Nina and Ric walk in, grabs her arm and gives her a passionate kiss. Nina decides to do the same to Ric, kissing him awkwardly, while Madeline watches on…

Nina tells Ric she is hot for him, but he turns the conversation back to her money – to protect her, he has to act on her behalf and hands her the power of attorney for her signature. Denise stops Franco and leaves to call Michael, and a disheveled Franco stares at Nina. She signs the papers while staring at Franco.. and Madeline watches.

Sabrina and Michael tenderly make love… he tells her how beautiful she is and they both admit they wanted it for a long time. Sabrina suggests he stay the night with her, and they snuggle in bed together.

Denise calls Michael, she asks if she could come by tomorrow to see the baby, while Carly and Sonny take Avery upstairs in her new home.

Dante apologizes to Valerie again, and she leaves. He looks at his wedding photo.

Lulu teases Dillon about portraying himself as the perfect boyfriend in his script, and thanks him for distracting her.

Holly, Laura and Luke wait for the next move.

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