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General Hospital on 6/8/2015 – Anna leaves, Laura returns, Denise meets Avery and an unexpected kiss!

Lulu hugs her mother, and Luke asks what she’s doing there? She’s doing fine, and is there for Luke! Tracy steps in and tells her this is their engagement party – but Laura wants to hear what Luke has to say. She needs to talk to him privately.. she apologizes to Tracy, but needs Luke to hear her out, it’s important. Tracy reminds her she hasn’t been around for other “important” things. Luke doesn’t know what’s going on, and tells Tracy he has to talk to her – he will be back shortly. In a private room, Luke asks Laura what’s going on?

Dillon stands by Tracy, while she gives Luke a chance to come back. She tells Dillon no one does a better damsel in distress than Laura, and Lulu tells her Luke won’t be leaving with her. In the meantime, Brad tells Lucas he wants a simple wedding, but Lucas thinks it has something to do with his family.

Sloane at the airport
Sloane stops Anna before she boards her flight.. she tells him she’s taking Duke to Scotland, and doesn’t know when she will be back. She just can’t be in Port Charles right now, he asks if it’s what happened last night? He says it may have been a mistake, but she doesn’t have to leave town.. she admits it’s because she killed Carlos, and ruined any chance of Duke getting justice. Julian wins again, because of her. She needs to forgive herself, and it’s not going to happen in Port Charles. She also has to mourn Duke properly. She admits she crossed a line by killing Carlos, Sloane tells her they share a bond as he is only person who knows. He tells her they are in this together, she can talk to him! He can keep Carlos from invading her thoughts. He offers to be her friend and begs her to stay – forgiving herself doesn’t mean being alone.

Nina and Silas
At the Floating Rib, Nina tells Silas both Franco and Nathan tried to frame her for Avery’s kidnapping, to get her to sign annulment papers. She tells him she married Ric Lansing, and Franco is just a sore loser. Ric helped her with her breakup with Franco – she thought they had something special until he ruined it by accusing her of taking the baby. He says he’s sorry, but she points out it’s not his fault.. it is, he replied. He’s the reason she was at GH at the time Avery was kidnapped.. he knows she’s innocent. He has noticed her transformation, she has put the pain and betrayal past her. Like what he did with Ava..? He is stunned, but she only mentions their affair, and the fact they now share a daughter.Just then, Kiki arrives..

Denise meets Avery
At home, Michael opens the door to Denise, here to see the baby. She introduces herself as Ava’s twin sister and asks to spend time with Avery – she wants to get to know her. Michael hesitates but lets her pick up the baby. She coos over Avery and when Michael takes a call, she tells her she is her mama.. the fake identity is worth it, if she can be close to her. It’s their little secret. Michael is standing at the door and asks what the secret is..? She pretends it’s just girl talk, and Michael takes her back. They walk her out.. and Denise hope he will let her visit again. Michael gives her a card and tells her to set up at time with his office.. she tells Avery she loves her and leaves.

Kiki goes looking
Kiki and Morgan go to Julian’s and find out Denise has gone out – maybe she told Silas where she went as he was there for a visit. She calls Denise, and a phone on the table rings – it’s Denise’s phone, so Kiki decides to look for her at the Floating Rib. Morgan stays behind when Denise returns home crying. Morgan asks what’s wrong? She tells him she met Avery, Michael let her hold the baby – and breaks down, it affected her more than she thought it would.. and he gives her a consoling hug.

Michael tells Sabrina they just had a visitor, he didn’t have the heart to turn her away.. she even offered to help put the baby to bed. AJ seemed to like her though..

Anna tells Sloane she has to leave, she hasn’t been able to do anything without him – if they are to have anything, a friendship or something more, she has to be able to handle this on her own. He understands and makes her promise she will come home… she promises.

Kiki tells Silas she is eager to get to know Denise.

Morgan tells Denise he understands her confusion, seeing her is like seeing Ava… holding her is like holding Ava… and the two share a tender kiss!

Luke and Laura return.. he tells everyone to go home. He tells Tracy he’s sorry, he can’t go through with the engagement!

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