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General Hospital on 6/9/2015 – Luke chooses Laura, Nikolas gets closer to ELQ, Denise is angry..

At the Floating Rib, Nina has a run-in with Franco and she breaks the news to him that she sold her shares of ELQ.. meanwhile over at Wyndermere, Nikolas now owns 46% of the company. He thinks Dillon’s share of the company is his best bet, and wants to think of way to leverage his friendship with Lulu!

Nathan is comforted by Maxie, who believes Nina will eventually forgive him for going along with Franco’s plan.

At home, Michael and Sabrina chat about his failed attempt to get Nina’s shares.. Sabrina is suspicious of Rosalie, and things get worse when Franco arrives, demanding money for the shares Nina sold back to him. Michael assumes Nina lied to him, but Franco insists he will get his money and leaves.

Morgan and ‘Denise’ share a passionate kiss, but quickly stop.. he doesn’t want her to tell Kiki, he just got carried away with the moment, as Ava was the first woman he ever loved. Kiki returns, but when she leaves again to pick up food, ‘Denise’ is shocked to find out the two are together.. they both agree not tell Kiki, and it can never happen again.

Luke asks the guests to leave the Haunted Star, but Dillon and Lulu demand an explanation. He tells a stunned Tracy he can’t go through with the engagement – he still loves Laura and has taken her back. As for Laura, she had to come back after hearing the news about him.. it explained so much about their past. Tracy points out Luke has been her drug since she was a teenager, and she is an addict too. But she is done being Luke’s Fool. She reminds Luke that Laura will eventually leave him, and only then will he realize what he has lost. Dillon vents his anger at the two of them, and takes Tracy home.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy expects Dillon to tell her “I told you so”, but instead he tells her she is the strongest and bravest woman he has ever known. Later, after she goes upstairs, Lulu arrives at the house to apologize to Dillon.

Sabrina tells Michael Rosalie may have lied to him…

Alone together, Luke figures that he and Laura could have handled the situation better, and downs a drink.. Laura says they did what they had to do, and places her hand on his..

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