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General Hospital on 7/10/2015 – Nikolas vs Sam, Carly surprises Lulu, Lucky brings someone home…

At Cassadine Island, Luke introduces himself to Jake.. when Laura walks in, they both smile. He’s almost certain it’s little Jake, when Lucky walks in.. he kneels down and introduces himself… and Lucky beams! He happily confirms it IS him to Luke and Laura, then tells Jake he is his father. He gives him his phone to play with, and Lucky finds out he has been living there all this time – Lucky asks if Nikolas was aware? Laura says there is no way he could have kept a secret this terrible! They wonder how Helena got her hands on Jake…Luke figures she was in town to mess with Aiden’s paternity results, then must have nabbed him in the hospital. Lucky would know him anywhere.. that is Jake! Laura is so happy for him, and suggests he give Liz the news in person, not over the phone. She wants to talk to him before they take him away from the only home he has ever known. Lucky thanks Luke for backing him, like he always does.. Luke smiles and says it was a pleasure, and to give Jake a little time. The two bond and reminisce about playing poker together.. and how Luke taught him how to live.

Luke tells Lucky about what happened to his own mother and father, Lucky says he was blessed with him as a father.. everyone has a dark side, and their own demons. He got to grow up with Luke Spencer! He also took the full force of his rage and bitterness, but always brought him safe to the other side.. he wishes Luke had the kind of father HE has. Luke sadly says his mother never deserved the life she had – his own choices that made him the happiest all had to do with loving Laura, and raising him.. the pride of his life. Luke says it’s the flaws in people that make them interesting.. how you stare down what scares you most. Lucky says you can run, and keep running…but Luke says it always catches up with you, there is no place to hide. That’s what happened to him.

Laura comes back with Jake, Lucky tells Jake he has a whole family in Port Charles.. his mom is there, her name is Elizabeth, and they’re going to take him to her.

Jake and Liz in love!
Jake is on the phone with Sam and mentions how they don’t want Elizabeth to tell Nikolas.. when Liz walks in and says “tell him what?”. He pretends it was a call about the ELQ situation, and asks if she has heard from Lucky.. he notices she is bothered, did something happen at work? Yes, she replies.. and tells him about Carly asking her to stay for Josslyn’s test results. She tells him the full story of Jake’s death – Lucky was his legal father and he asked if she would agree to donate Jake’s kidney to Josslyn. She said hurtful things to Jason, and she will always regret the way she treated him that night. He reassures her that if Jason was there today, she would have nothing to be sorry about.. she cries and says there is something she has to tell him. She has been afraid to tell him.. she loves him! He pulls her close for a kiss and says he loves her too! He admits they’ve had a connection from beginning, and now he has a family.. without her he would be nothing. She cries and says it means SO much to her. She sends him off to do his errands, he kisses her and says he will be back… and reminds her it’s okay to be happy!

Cousin vs Cousin
Sam runs into Nikolas outside Kellys, she is still upset with him – he asks if that’s why she was poking around Wyndemere yesterday, did the Quartermaimes send her?? She claims she was there to give him another chance as they’re family, but he asks what Jake Doe was doing there with her. She said she ran into him at the docks and he asked to come with her.. Nik seems to buy it, then Sam asks what’s going on with him and Hayden Barnes?? Nik claims she is an old acquaintance, but Sam finds it odd she posed as Jake’s wife.. he says he knew nothing about it, he had no reason to sic Hayden on Jake, especially because he cares for Elizabeth. Sam points out that he let her stay with him after what she did to Jake.. why? He claims it was only for one night.. but Sam says he never had to send her on her way as she got shot.

Dante and Valerie’s secret
At the PCPD, Dante tells Valerie he spoke to Lulu, she’s home now. He explains there was never an affair with Dillon, his conclusion was wrong – it was something else altogether. He tells her Lulu isn’t done with their marriage, she didn’t cheat, but HE did.. and it can never happen again. He wants to make his marriage work, he wasn’t using Valerie, he cares about her.. but his reactions are his own responsibility, not hers. She shakes her head and says she looks like a home wrecker who slept with a married man. He asks if she can keep what happened between them a secret?? It’s the only way he can save his family. Valerie promises never to tell anyone they slept together, it will be their secret. She’s a big girl, and it’s not like anything was going to come of their one night together.

Monica greets Dillon at home, he explains he’s in town to watch out for Tracy – Monica says Luke can not be trusted, but Dillon tells her to have a seat, he has big news. He explains everything to Monica and says Tracy needs to know the truth.. but he wants to stick around to make sure she is okay.

Carly spills to Lulu…
Carly brings Rocco home to Lulu, she knows she ran off with Dillon Quartermaine – Sonny told her everything. Lulu tells her they are both misinformed as they were off saving her brother’s life. Carly chides her about not sharing with Dante, and not worrying more about Elizabeth, as she has been through so much. She will never be able to repay her sacrifice (Jake’s kidney donated to Josslyn), Lulu says she just needs to know her son didn’t die in vain. Lulu tells Carly everything is out in the open, even the stuff about Valerie – Carly is surprised, he told her about that? Lulu questions her.. what happened between Dante and Valerie?? Carly admits Dante kissed Valerie.. according to Sonny.

Lulu doesn’t believe her husband would kiss another woman, but is stunned when Carly says it came from him – as she consoles her, Dante walks in! Carly leaves and Lulu says she knows ALL about him and Valerie.

Valerie remembers her night of passion with Dante and starts to cry… he wasn’t hers to begin with.

Lucky arrives at Elizabeth’s house, with Luke and Jake. Lucky hesitates – he has incredible news for her and doesn’t know where to start..

Sam says Hayden matters to her, because she matters to Jake and he is her friend – if he can think of anything else, given his acquaintance with Hayden, to let her know.

Monica opens the door to Jake.

Elizabeth looks at a framed photo of little Jake, while Lucky gets ready.. he thanks Luke, who stands off to the side with little Jake, then knocks on the door.. Elizabeth answers and stares at him!

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