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General Hospital on 7/1/2015 – Sonny vs Denise, Franco’s suspicions, Jake’s honor, one step closer to Lucky & Ethan!

It’s the 4th of July, Kiki models a bikini for Morgan, who admits to being distracted by Franco! He worries what he might do to Denise, considering what happened to his mom. She says Franco was only angry because Carly cheated on him – and she would be furious if he cheated on HER! He stares at her, and asks why he would do that when he has her.. they passionately kiss and he helps her off with her bikini.

Sitting on the couch, Kiki jokes they should fight about cheating more often – he says he hopes she knows he would never do anything to hurt her. She leaves to get a shower, comes back and offers to pick up food from Kellys, then meet him at the park for the fireworks.

Franco and Obrecht have a chat
At GH, Franco stops by to see Liesl to talk about his relationship with Denise. She wonder why he would go after a low-rent version of Ava, his former lover? He explains they’re not really dating, it’s a ruse to make Nina jealous, and how Denise went along with it as Kiki was trying to set her up with Silas. Liesl doubts that and asks what Denise’s real motive might be.. Franco thinks it may have to do with Morgan. Liesl analyzes the situation and says Morgan was likely the object of her ruse – and perhaps she is involved with Morgan? They remember how Morgan and Ava were involved, but Obrecht asks why Denise’s motives even matter? He is worried about Kiki, and doesn’t want her to get hurt – what should he do? Liesl has to run, she promises they will finish the conversation later.

Denise vs Sonny
Denise shows up at Sonny’s front door, hoping to see Avery – she pleads her case and he invites her in. To talk about her and Morgan! He asks what she was doing nearly screwing his kid?? He yells at her that is has to stop now! She says she didn’t know he was involved with her niece.. and says she is now involved with Franco. What ever chemistry existed between her and Morgan is over, can she see the baby now? He says no, anyone dating a freak like Franco is not going near his baby! He tells her to leave right now or he will throw her out. She angrily tells him this isn’t over…

Jake and his honor!
At the Quartermaines, Jake offers to work for Michael to get ELQ back, he wants to start talking strategy right away. He wants to keep their plan confidential and points out that honor and trust means everything to him, and Nikolas has none. Michael says he sounds just like Jason, and reminisces about him.. how he raised him, and taught him about honor and keeping your word.

Jake has an idea – there may be a way to get their hands on the shares. Nikolas obtained some of them by blackmail, and they should turn the tables on him – find out what HE is hiding. There has to be something. Michael doesn’t want to make him suffer, but if Nik has secrets, Jake can use that information any way he sees fit.

Sam confronts Nikolas
At Kelly’s for breakfast, Sam doesn’t want to give Nikolas the time of day for what he did to the Quatermaines, but he tries to explain it was just business. She yells that she sees Helena and Victor in him, and knows it’s all about money.. she doesn’t like who he has become. She wants to know why he isn’t the same person he used to be? He explains he needed to make a change, and he just trying to preserve their precious family legacy – he asks why she is defending them, they never embraced her when she was married to Jason. He asks why she gave away her and Danny’s shares.. she says if Jason were alive today, he would kick his ass! He would never tolerate what Nik has done if he were alive – he retorts then he’s lucky Jason isn’t alive! He says they’re family, which means everything to him, but Sam doesn’t believe him – he know she is upset, but hopes she can get past that.

The search for Lucky and Ethan
Luke, Laura and Holly search for clues in the photo of Lucky and Ethan tied up in a warehouse – Luke realizes both Lucky and Ethan are giving clues with their hands! Jacks and the number three. Lulu finds a lumber yard at Three Jackson Road, only a couple of miles away.

They arrive at the warehouse and see men guarding the place with guns… when Lulu has an idea that involves her and Dillon. They won’t be expecting the two of them – Laura argues, but Luke admits they have no choice.

Lulu pretends to be pregnant and going into labor, with Dillon as her worried husband – they tell the guards their car broke down and they need help! The guard agrees to take her to the hospital, but Dillon says the gun is making Lulu nervous, could he please leave it behind? The guard hands his gun to the other, they leave, and Luke and Laura arrive, pretending to be the pregnant woman’s parents! Holly appears from behind, tells him to drop the guns and they knock him out.

Michael calls Sonny to warn him about Denise – he tells him he already sent her packing.

A shirtless Morgan receives a knock on the door, it’s Denise..

Franco sees Kiki at Kellys, she explains she is meeting Morgan – he doesn’t think that’s a good idea!

Sam calls Patrick about her run-in with Nikolas – she wishes there was something she could do about it. Jake appears “maybe there is”.

Luke thinks it was too easy and thinks it might be a trap. They split up and Luke kicks open the door.. “I’ll be damned”.

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