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General Hospital on 7/13/2015 – Little Jake is home, Big Jake connects with Monica, Laura tells Nik the news…

Elizabeth opens to the door to a smiling Lucky..thrilled to see him, she gives him a big hug! He apologizes for missing the calls with the boys and tells her he was kidnapped.. and has something important to tell her. She runs upstairs to wake Aiden, who happily greets him with “daddy”.. he tells Lucky they have been having fun with Jake, mommy’s friend. She tells Lucky her new relationship is pretty serious, and shares the news that Josslyn is cancer-free… Lucky tells her he doesn’t think Jake actually saved Josslyn! She starts to argue, but he stops her.. he doesn’t want to upset her, it couldn’t have been Jake who gave her the kidney because he’s alive!

Upset, she says no, they all saw him – he was brain-dead and they took him away. Lucky says he was taken from the hospital by Helena! He admits he saw him on Cassadine Island.. she tearfully tells him to stop, but he says he is HERE.

The little boy walks in to Elizabeth’s house and Luke introduces her to her son, and he is lucky to be with his mom again.. she has missed him. He promises to look after her and asks you’re my mom? She asks if she can hug him and holds him close crying, tears of joy. Luke takes him to play with some toys, while Lucky brings Liz outside. She is breathless, and doesn’t know how to do this.. it feels like a dream! She cries and hugs him.. “we have our son back”. They go back inside, and Lucky takes Jake into the kitchen, leaving Liz with Luke. She thanks him for bringing her son back – she admits he used to intimidate her, he says she has awesome resilience for such a tiny little thing! He tells her not to question to doubt happiness.. second chances are rare.

Lucky’s demons
Luke leaves to go find Tracy.. and Lucky steps outside with him. Luke stops and asks Lucky what he’s afraid of?? He admits Luke’s darkness is in him as well, he can’t get rid of it and doesn’t even know why it’s there. He just wants to stop running, but he can’t.. and he’s afraid he’s going to pass it on to his kids! Luke reminds him he is his own man, and just has to be honest with himself – face the fears, and do what ever he has to do to slay this dragon. He has to believe in himself, just like Luke does! He tearfully tells him how much he loves him, and the two men hug. Luke tells him if he needs him, he will be there like that..

Valerie’s drama
At the PCPD, Jordan pulls Valerie aside, uncomfortable with her relationship with Dante and hears he called the whole thing off as Lulu didn’t have an affair. He wants to protect his marriage and asked her to keep it a secret. She is sympathetic, but Jordan tells her she needs to deal with her drama on her own time!

Lulu’s forgiveness
Lulu tells Dante she knows ALL about the two of them.. tearfully, he says he is so so sorry. But at the time he thought she was sleeping with another man, and made a stupid mistake – there are no words to describe how he feels right now and asks for her forgiveness. She says it depends.. if it was just one kiss? That’s what Carly told her – Dane realizes she doesn’t know the full truth, and he admits they kissed and he feels horrible. Lulu starts to blame herself, she pushed him to an angry and hurt place. She hates it.. and hates Valerie right now! He asks her not to blame Valerie, he initiated it and she put a stop to it, then left. It was his fault… but Lulu says they are both to blame. He asks if they can move past this..

Jake and Jason.. the Quartermaine
Monica greets Jake at the door, he asks to come in.. he wants to run ELQ developments by Michael, and hears he’s out on a date. She asks him to stay and wait for him. He walks into the house and sees a photo of Jason and AJ. Monica returns with food, and he apologizes for looking at the photo and asks her about Jason Quartermaine, not Morgan. She gives him the family history between her and Alan, and how she came to love Jason, an innocent little boy. He became the heart of the Quartermaine family. He was smart, in pre-med, and could have been anything he wanted until the night of the accident. Jake assures her that it’s clear to see he was a good man, before and after. He places his hand on hers, sorry for her loss. He decides to leave, she apologizes for wasting his time, and tells him to call her Monica. He tells her to have a good night, and shows himself out.

Sam pays Patrick a visit at the hospital and invites him for dinner and hears the news about Hayden – she might be coming out of her coma! Sam thinks she can tell them who Jake really is.

Nik stares at Hayden’s driver license, remembering Sam’s words when Laura stops by for a visit, she tells him everything, including little Jake’s return. She says it’s just a shame that Jason didn’t live to see him come back.

Elizabeth invites Lucky to stay, but he needs to see Laura.. he will check in with her, no matter what he decides to do and walks out the door.. it isn’t goodbye. As he leaves, Liz turns to smile at Jake..

Luke walks in to the Quartertmaine mansion – where’s Tracy..? It’s urgent!

Lulu says yes, she wants the the past few weeks to be a distant memory – he tries to hug her but she stops him, she needs to throw cold water on her face. He tells her he loves her.

Valerie thanks Jordan for her advice, and receives a call from Dante – Lulu knows they kissed, but that’s all, can he count on her to keep their secret to herself?? Yes, he can.

Sam tells Patrick that Nik supposedly has a past with Hayden.

Laura wonders why Nikolas is brooding, it’s happy news his nephew has come home. He replies ‘about Jason not being alive to see it?’.. she is wrong! At that moment, Lucky walks in…

Little Jake tells Liz that motorcycles are his favorite – the door opens and in walks Big Jake!

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