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General Hospital on 7/14/2015 – Nikolas tells the truth, Luke returns to Tracy, Elizabeth’s world is complete…

Carly and Sonny chat at home, Sonny hopes Dante and Lulu can get back to normal, Carly says it’s not going to be that simple, she accidentally told Lulu that Dante kissed Valerie. Sonny says it’s not her fault… it’s a mess. She shares the good news about Josslyn’s checkup, he wishes she would have told him, and he says she’s a tough little girl like her mother. Carly says it’s all because of Jason.. and Sonny reminisces about what a good friend he was. Carly misses him and can’t believe they will never see him again.

Lulu’s anger
At their apartment, Dante admits to Lulu he was on the phone with Valerie.. he wanted to tell her Lulu knew about the kiss, just to be fair to her. Lulu angrily says it’s not okay.. it makes her feel like crap that she turned her back to find him on the phone with her. He asks if he should quit his job, she answers sure, why not? He demanded she sell her stake in the business when Johnny came back. She admits she wants Valerie to quit and leave town, why should she accept her in their lives? Her phone beeps, and he says the same way he has to accept Dillon! She insist they are just friends.. and hopes Tracy can forgive Luke for lying to her. She says she doesn’t want to be like this, and Dante says he wants them to get past this.. Lulu believes they will.. but it will take time.

Luke’s surprise
Luke asks Dillon where Tracy is… he wants to tell her everything, including little Jake coming home. Luke marches upstairs to tell Tracy, and before Dillon can warn him, he knocks on her door, asking her to open up.. he has to talk to her. He opens the door to see Tracy sleeping in bed.. with Paul! He asks what the hell is going on… Paul Hornsdby?? Tracy angrily says he kicked her to the curb and moved on, why shouldn’t she..?? Tracy asks Paul to leave as she has a few words to say to Luke before she kicks him out of her life for good. She sarcastically asks what brings him back, Luke tells her the whole reunion with Laura was a lie. He never wanted to get back with Laura, eh only did it protect Lucky.. he says they can move past this incident with Paul Horsnby, he is to blame. Tracy sits there, staring.. then aks why the hell didn’t he tell her the truth in the first place?? He explains she had to be left out of the loop.. he had to make some impossible calls. She says the decision to cut her out was his, he doesn’t see her as an equal.

Paul is staying!
Dillon texts Lulu hoping things go well with her dad and Tracy… Paul comes downstairs in a robe, and Dillon gives him a hug, wondering where the robe came from? Paul tells him Luke just walked in on him and Tracy in bed together. Paul says his marriage is over, he and Tracy were both hurting and one thing led to another, they needed each other as they were both screwed over by people they loved. Dillon says that’s not the case. Paul is shocked but says none of it would have happened had Luke trusted Tracy..

The brothers connect
Lucky tells Laura and Nik he returned Jake to Elizabeth.. he hugs Laura and happily says everything has been set right. Laura knows exactly how Liz feels, and Lucky says it will take Jake some time.. he didn’t want to intrude, he thought they would need time to reconnect. She decides to give him the same opportunity with Nikolas. The two brothers chat, Nik says he had no idea little Jake was on Cassadine Island, Lucky believes him as he would never keep a secret like this from his own family; it’s not who he is. Lucky admits it’s amazing, but overwhelming.. the last time he was in time, it nearly broke him. He has traveled the world to find himself, a man his kids can be proud of. Bringing Jake home still hasn’t made things right with him…he hasn’t been there for his kids, and he thinks it would be better for them if he left the kids with Elizabeth. And the guys she’s dating.. some stranger. Nikolas quietly says he’s not a stranger,, but quickly recovers and says it’s nothing. Lucky won’t let go, it’s his kids they’re talking about.. he is Jake’s father… Nik snaps “so is he!”. And admits the man she is seeing is JASON. The only people who know are him, Helena and Elizabeth! Lucky wonders how they can not tell him the truth?? Nik says his loved ones have moved on, Sam is with Patrick, they have all recovered from his death happy with their lives now. Nik says he told him so he won’t feel like he has abandoned his kids if he leaves.. they would be with Jason.

Lucky still can’t believe Elizabeth chose not to tell Jason the truth, Nik says she doesn’t want him to go back to his own life. Lucky asks what if he remembers he is Jason.. and his whole life has been built on a lie? Nik tells him if he leaves, Liz and the boys will have Jason.. if he stays, they will have him. What ever he chooses, Nikolas knows it will be right.

Elizabeth has Jake
Liz plays with little Jake when big Jake arrives.. he guesses right that the boy is her son! He asks how it’s possible and she explains how Lucky brought him home from Cassadine Island! She says she has never been happier, and Jake asks if he can talk to him? He flashes back to walking into the house and picking up a toy motorcycle. He tells Liz about it, then stops himself.. he is so happy for her, her son is back! They settle in to play, while Liz watches on.. and tells Jake there is something she has to tell him! She says it’s about her son.. and him.. when little Jake says he’s tired. She takes him upstairs, leaving Jake alone.. and he picks up a motorcycle.

Liz asks big Jake to stay the night, and he asks if he can help put little Jake to bed?

Sonny tells Carly she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.. and gives her a tender but passionate kiss.

In bed, Lulu tells Dante she loves him and isn’t giving up on them.. she will fight to get them back to where they were. She asks if changed the sheets? He says yeah.. and stares at the ceiling.

Paul tells Dillon he’s here to be the father he never was, and no one is going to stop him.

Tracy tell Luke he blew it, there is no place for him in her life.. and he needs to leave now. He tells her he isn’t giving up on her… and leaves.

Laura returns to Nikolas and asks where Lucky is.. she finds out he left. She was hoping he could help him, Nik says he was honest with him.. what ever he chooses will be right.

Lucky is about to knock on Elizabeth’s door and sees the two Jakes playing while Liz cleans up.. a happy family! He walks away…

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