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General Hospital on 7/17/2015 – An unsuspecting Kiki, a new mob war, AJ’s clinic, Ric’s mind games!

At home, Carly admires her wedding ring and tells Sonny how lucky they are – he wants Michael at the wedding, despite the fact he turned down his request to let Denise see Avery. Carly feels bad for Kiki, but Sonny wants to protect Avery, and is worried Denise may ask Julian to get involved, which is the last thing he wants. Carly tells him it’s true, she would rather risk getting hurt than being without him, he says the best part of him has always been with her. She lists all his qualities, both good and bad, including those dimples.. what’s not to love? Carly and Sonny toast their love, and share a romantic dance. He wants to spend the rest of their lives making her very very happy.

The door opens, interrupting Carly and Sonny.. it’s Max yelling “boss, we’ve been hit”, while holding up Vito, who has been shot! Carly tends to his wound, while Max tells him a shipment was hijacked.. Sonny asks if it was the Jeromes??

The AJ Quatermaine Clinic
Sabrina is hanging out at the Quartermaines, Michael admits he can’t forgive Sonny, but it’s best to just keep the peace.. which means going to their wedding! He’s not sure he could stand there and watch them get married, and hasn’t given them an answer yet – maybe it will work this time around. Sabrina offers a toast.. maybe the 5th time will be the charm?? He asks her about the news she wanted to share, and she tells him she has been working on the AJ Quartermaine clinic while he was busy fighting for ELQ.. she got the financing from the hospital board, and they still want Michael to run it! He kisses her and profusely thanks her.. he says he wants her by his side for it’s completion, and can’t wait to show the world what they can do together.

Unsuspecting Kiki
While Denise and Morgan continue their passion, Kiki leaves a message for him, and arrives at Denise’s door.. she recieves a call from Michael and hears that Sonny has refused to let Denise see Avery. Kiki thinks Denise will be heartbroken, while she is getting passionate with Morgan on the couch inside the door! They take it to the bedroom, while Kiki knocks on the door.. when Franco arrives. She gives him a big hug and asks what he’s doing there? He is there to see Denise, despite the fact they’re not really dating… Kiki mentions she is there to give her the bad news about Avery, but Franco suggests that he can do it. Kiki realizes she has to meet Morgan at the Metro Court for drinks, and thanks Franco for being such a good friend to her aunt. He promises to break the news to her gently, and starts pounding on the door.

Ava and Morgan finish making love, and Morgan notices the tattoo which covers up her scar – he admits what they both just did was wrong, but something feels right between them. She kisses him in response, there’s something she has to tell him. They hear knocking on the door.

Denise puts on a robe and answers the door and tells Franco it’s not a good time – he walks in with news about the incriminating recording. She tells him to keep his voice down, it’s not just the two of them… Julian is in his bedroom going at it with his girlfriend. Franco tells her Sonny has denied her request to see Avery, she insists he needs to get the recording from Scotty.. he says he tried, but didn’t get it. She tells him he has to get it if he wants her help with Nina. She tells him to go… and slams the door shut. A shirtless Morgan strolls out from the bedroom and asks what that was all about?

Denise tells Morgan that Sonny has denied her request to see Avery.. Kiki stuck her neck out for her, and she sleeps with her boyfriend behind her back.

Love in the afternoon!
At the Metro Court, Julian suggests he and Alexis get a room… and enjoy a little role-playing! He pretends to be Tristan the room service guy, and she is Ms Robertson.. she angrily says the food is not what she ordered and can have him fired, just like that. What is he going to do to make it up to her?? He tells her he used to have another career, but found a more decent way to make a living.. for his girlfriend. He admits he will do anything for his girlfriend. He sits her down when his phone rings, Alexis tells him not to pick it up and instructs him to get undressed! She says his girlfriend is a very lucky woman. He asks if she is trying to seduce him when she tells him she is stressed and could use help blowing off some steam.. he kisses her passionately and they tumble into bed. After they finish, he turns on the TV and they see news about a shooting down at the waterfront, rumoured to be Sonny’s business.. the Jerome crime family might be back in business.

Ric and Madeline’s scheming
Ric ushers Madeline out of their room at the Metro Court, and opens the door to see Nina standing there! Madeline claims she was there to see her, Nina asks Ric if HE is the lawyer who got her released from prison? Ric pretends he just met her and was in the process of kicking her out.. he is only on her side. Nina isn’t sure what to think, when Madeline tells her that her new husband is just after her money! Her concern is for her well-being.. Nina falls for it, and quickly apologizes to Ric, sorry she ever thought he was involved with her mother. Madeline says when someone petitions to become her financial custodian, it worries her.. Nina asks how she even knew that, while Ric looks shifty. She claims she asked him, and he admitted it! She wonders what’s going on, when Ric secretly plays a recording a crying baby.. Madeline pretends she doesn’t hear anything, and Ric tells her to leave. She turns the phone off, and says she isn’t going anywhere. Nina says it stopped, and says she just had a migraine. Madeline leaves and Ric assures Nina it will be okay.. she admits she keeps hearing the baby, maybe it’s her conscience.. and she really did take Avery after all? Ric says they will sort it out together.

Michael asks Sabrina to spend the red of the day by the lake, then share a candlelight dinner on the terrace.

Sonny calls Ric – he wants him to identify the shooter.. was it a Jerome, or a new player in town? If it’s a Jerome, there will be hell to pay.

Alexis coldly asks Julian if he’s going to return the phone call? He claims he is done with the mob – she reminds him he gave her his word and she believes him. She walks out and he stops her for a kiss, when Franco sees the two of them in the hall!

Kiki waits for Morgan at the Metro Court, wondering where he is?

Morgan admits he isn’t ready to walk away yet, and receives a text from Kiki.. he forgot he was supposed to meet her half an hour ago! Denise starts to cry, but tells him to leave, she will be fine.

Nina apologizes to Ric before going into the bedroom for a nap – he’s her husband and she trusts him.. but her mom makes her doubt herself. He rushes out the door to talk to Madeline, who hates to see her daughter suffer – he tells her they will be very wealthy people, and kisses her..

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