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General Hospital on 7/20/2015 – Family ties, Liz shares with Patrick, Laura hears the truth!

At the PCPD, Dante arranges a dinner date with Lulu over the phone while Valerie looks on.. he asks to speak to her privately, to make sure they’re on the same page about what happened between them. She asks if they can just forget about it and move on.. but he isn’t sure they can do that. There could be fall-out now that Lulu knows they shared a kiss. She doesn’t need him to worry about her, she will be fine, but he feels like an ass. She continues to be supportive, even when he says it was wrong of him to lead her on.. and asks her to forgive him. She says there is nothing to forgive, he says he loves his wife and son, and she tells him to stop saying sorry.. she is fine, can they just let it go?

Father and daughter time
Luke meets Lulu at the Haunted Star – they briefly talk about Tracy, but he has some even better news to share, Jake is alive. Lulu is thrilled, Tracy has to forgive him now.. but he admits she hasn’t because he lied about it. She tells him Dante knew she was lying, and thought she was having an affair with Dillon.. and found a way to get even. She is trying to understand the kiss with Valerie, but it still upsets her, she wants to hear what happened from Valerie herself. Luke tells her he’s rooting for her, and she leaves him at the Haunted Star.

Paul’s pancakes
At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy is angry at Dillon for keeping things from her, but even more angry at Luke! Dillon tries to defend him, but Tracy doesn’t care. Paul brings them his own homemade pancakes, which amuses Tracy… Dillon thinks it’s beyond weird they’re acting like one big happy family. They laugh when he asks if they’re sharing a room – no, it was one-time only. Paul says he’s there to make amends with Dillon, not get back together with Tracy – but he hopes her break with Luke is permanent. Dillon explains that Luke didn’t want to lie to her, and he was desperate to get back to tell her the truth.. he tells her she is being childish, and needs to get over it, like Dante has. Luke and Laura were terrified and made a choice.. she should be able to get over it. Paul reminds him it’s still Tracy’s decision, and Dillon storms off.

Mother and son time
At Wyndemere, Laura stops by to see Nikolas and had hoped Lucky would join them for lunch, and stick around in Port Charles at least until little Jake was settled. Nik flashes back to his conversation with his brother, while Laura asks him what has been going on lately? She knows about the ELQ takeover and understands it’s just business, but wishes the timing was better, given what’s happened with Tracy. Nik tells her he’s glad she didn’t reunite with Luke, he was never a fan of that reunion. She admits she has been over Luke for a long time now, she hopes he works it out with Tracy. Nik asks her if there is anyone in her life that makes her happy? She admits to having a few fun dates in Paris, and asks about his own love life. She asks if it would cramp his style if she lived with him at Wyndemere? She wants to spend time with him, he tells her she can stay for as long as she wants, he is thrilled!

Jake’s clean bill of health!
Liz brings Jake to the hospital and introduces Jake to Patrick.. her son is alive! She shares her joy with him, and thinks Helena did it because of Luke.. Patrick says it’s a tragedy that Jason isn’t there to see it. Liz asks him to do the examination.. make sure he is okay. After the exam, he pronounces Jake perfectly healthy, but says there are no scars from a kidney donation, which means Carly will have questions. Liz wishes she could give Lucky the news, but isn’t sure he is still in town. She tells him Lucky doesn’t feel like he can be the kind of father the kids deserve, and there isn’t anything she can do about it, something Patrick understands. He asks if she has told Sam about Jake yet… Danny is his half-brother and she may want them to have a relationship, unless Liz has a problem with that? She admits to being protective, and needs a little time right now. Patric is happy for her, as she decides to head over to Wyndmere to look for Lucky.

Carly hears about little Jake
Big Jake stops by to see Carly and has incredible news to share with her – little Jake is alive! He tells her he’s a quiet bot who watches everyone and everything, but he isn’t afraid.. Carly says that was just like Jason. She thinks it’s incredible, but unfair that Jason isn’t here to know his son is alive. She is angry that he should be there, after all he did for her and Josslyn, but that’s just who he was. He really deserved a happy ending. It suddenly occurs to her that she doesn’t know where Josslyn got her kidney from?? Jake tries to calm Carly down while she freaks out – he knows she will be able to handle it, she’s a good mom. He suggest they go to the hospital to get some answers. He notices her engagement ring and congratulates her on the news her and Sonny are getting remarried – if she’s happy, he’s happy! He offers to go with her to pick up Joss from camp, she gratefully accepts and they leave together.

Valerie and Dante get back to work, Valerie mutters she needs to get over it, when Lulu arrives at the station..

Paul tells Dillon he wants to get to know him, and offers lunch – Dillon tells him to stay out of Tracy and Luke’s business.

Tracy arrives at the Haunted Star to see Luke.

Jake arrives at the hospital and tells Patrick he’s there with Carly – he finds out Liz went to Wyndemere, to try to catch up with Lucky.

Liz and little Jake arrive at Wyndemere and she tells Laura and Nikolas about his clean bill of health. Laura takes Jake to the kitchen for cookies, leaving Liz and Nik alone.. he tells her Lucky isn’t there, he knew she and boys would be taken care of because he told him Jake is Jason.

Laura hears Nikolas’ confession and is floored!

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