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General Hospital on 7/21/2015 – Tracy’s final answer, Lulu confronts Valerie, Julian insists he’s out!

Nathan surprises Maxie with an apartment full of flowers to welcome her home and he lists the things he missed about her! He can’t stand to be away from her, and they tenderly kiss. Maxie pulls away, she wants to grab a shower first, but he picks her up and takes her to it, where things get steamy! They talk afterwards, she is still worried about Lulu.. did Dante find out where she went after all? Nathan admits he hasn’t talked to him… Maxie figures all is probabyl right in their world by now.

Lulu vs Valerie
Lulu arrives at the PCPD to talk to Valerie.. she admits she lied to Dante, but she did what she had to do. Dante never would have suspected her of anything had it not been for HER.. instead of asking what she overheard with Dillon, she took Dante down a path of thinking she was cheating. Valerie defends herself – it snowballed because of Lulu’s own actions. Lulu angrily says Dante told her everything that happened between them, but she now wants to hear it from Valerie. Valerie explains she went over to see if he was okay after everything SHE did, he was so upset she tried to talk to down. One thing led to another.. Lulu demands to know if she kissed him back?? She flashes back and says the kiss stopped as soon as it started.. and she left. Lulu says that’s what Dante said happened too.. is there anything else she wants to tell her? Yes.. there is.. she is sorry about the kiss. They were wrong about what they assumed was going on, mistakes were made, but it’s over and she isn’t a threat to Lulu’s marriage. But it has been tough for her too, but since they’re family, is there any way they cab get through this?

Jordan warns Dante
At the PCPD, Jordan tells Dante that TJ is staying with Sonny, and exposed to mob violence – she wants him to bring it in. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea, Sonny isn’t easily be intimidated, and thinks they can build a proper case against him. She also wants to talk about his personal relationship with Valerie, she knows what happened between them. Dante explains they just kissed but Jordan says it was a LOT more than that.. she knows they slept together! He tells there’s a lot she doesn’t know – he’s trying to repair things with his wife, and Valerie is pretty cool about it. Is she, asks Jordan?? She isn’t sure Valerie is the type of person to take this well, and warns him not to hurt her… and don’t let it happen again! He says he is clear on everything, but Jordan says she isn’t the only who needs to forgive him.

Julian denies all
When TJ arrives home home, Sonny chats to him about the incident, assures him he’s safe there when Julian arrives to see Sonny! He wants to talk to him one on one… Julian tells him he had nothing to do with the hijacked shipment at the warehouse. Sonny points out it fits his pattern, and says “the mobster doth protest too much”. He claims he promised Alexis he would get out, and he has.. the death of Olivia’s baby was his wake-up call. Sonny wonders if Julian is telling the truth, who hijacked his shipment? Julian thinks his latest rival will surface soon.. Sonny goads him, he’s just talk.. when the stakes get too high he folds like a deck of cards and runs. Julian throws up his arms – he’s out, and Sonny shouldn’t wast his time coming after him. Sonny threateningly tells him not to lie to him.

Sam meets Alexis at the Metro Court, who’s preparing a deposition for her client, Tracy Quartermaine! She wishes there was something more she could do for the family after what Nikolas did. Alexis tells her about Luke, and Sam brings up Julian.. maybe he hasn’t given up the mob after all. Alexis defends him, she is sure he’s no longer in the mob and Sam says she will have faith in him too. Julian arrives

Tracy and Luke say goodbye!
Tracy arrives at the Haunted Star to talk to Luke.. she knows why he lied to her, he was a parent desperate to make the right choices, even if it meant hurting her. She accepts his apology and forgives him, he takes the engagement ring out of his pocket and asks her to be his fiance again? Tracy stares at him while he confesses his love for her.. she quietly tells him she isn’t going to marry him. She does forgive him, but can’t marry him – she had breakfast with Paul and learned something from being with him. The last year has been hell for her – because of ELQ and him. She finally hit rock bottom after he seemingly left her for Laura, then Paul showed up, they thought they both had been dumped, and she found herself starting to laugh. She forgot all about him, it was all so easy and fun// she hasn’t had fun in over a year. They sit down to talk and Luke insists she needs to give him time, he can put the twinkle back in her eye and they can be great again. She says maybe they can, but not now.. he needs to be somebody new, not the old Luke. He wants to find out with her.. but she has made her decision. She cannot marry him now.. and he can’t marry her either. He begs her not turn him down, and asks for more time.. she says no, she needs to be herself now. She tells him he can’t expect to heal in two months.. the tattoo was just the beginning, he has to come to terms with everything that happened to him. She tells him he only wants to marry her to feel like the old Luke… he has to make peace with his history. And when he processes all that’s happened, it will change him, he will be a new man – they don’t know if he will love her, or if she will love him! She’s trying to tell him they can’t have a life together.. he asks if they just say goodbye now and go in opposite directions? She tells him he needs time without her.. and he sadly says he used and abused her love. She admits she knew how much he had changed, and thought she could fix him.. he says she did, with Bobbie, Lulu and Patricia.. she says he has to walk this tightrope without her as his safety net. She can’t fix this for him, and he knows it. He says yes, he knows.. but she’s right, it’s something he has to do himself.

On the phone, Julian instructs someone to just get it done.

Sonny tells his man someone is going to make another move.. everything needs to be perfect.

Julian arrives and greets Sam and Alexis.. she tells him about the motion she is going to file against Nikolas, on behalf of the Quartermaines.. and pointedly says it turns out he has been lying to everyone.

Lulu tells Dante she came to see her cousin – Valerie said the kiss was a mistake, she doesn’t have feelings for him, so everything can go back to the way it was..

Maxie muses that Valerie is way to into Dante.. she knows she wants more.. when Nathan decides he wants more too, and takes her to bed!

Luke tells Tracy if they don’t see each other again, she will always be a part of him. Who’d have thunk it? The heiress and the punk from Elm Street.. and how lucky he was.. she tearfully says it was a privilege to know him and love him. And he will always be the best time she ever had.

Tracy and Luke hug, and tearfully state they will love each other forever.

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