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General Hospital on 7/23/2015 – Luke talks to the past, Brad shocks Lucas, Dante confides in Nathan!

Luke arrives at the Elm Street house with a gun in his hand… “when this house goes, so will I”. His father appears, enjoying a drink in his chair and tells him to pull the dam trigger already. Luke angrily tells his old man it has nothing to do with him, but his father disagrees.. he wasn’t the curse it was Luke himself! That’s why he had his tattoo put on, so he will always remember who he is and what’s inside of him. Luke says he has no regrets killing him, Bill tells him he’s old, miserable and alone so why doesn’t he just kill himself?? “Come join daddy in hell”.. he tells him to pull the trigger and be done. A young Patricia comes rushing down the stairs, and tells him not to do it! She tells Tim he has no power anymore, and to just GO.. he yells at her to shut her mouth, the hell with them both. He promises he will always be there so long as Luke is still breathing. Tim strolls out the door with a final look back through the window. Luke tells Patricia he’s right, and this is the only way out – Patricia says all her sacrifices will be for nothing if he kills himself.

Patricia asks why she gave everything up if he’s just going to throw it all away? She asks him to put down the gun, the past is over now.. it was an accident, but Luke says he can’t live with killing Mama. She will never know how sorry he is.. but Patricia says she does know, and Lena appears in the room! She hold Luke’s face in her hands and says there is nothing to forgive, he was just trying to protect them – she asks Patricia for a moment alone with Luke.

Lena tells Luke she loves him and could never blame him – he was strong and stood up to their father’s endless abuse. He carried the weight for decades, that’s why he lashed out – he was just lost, but has now been found. Accepting the truth is how his life should begin.. not end! She wants to him to figure out who he is, and who he wants to be.. the possibilities are limitless. Lena tells Luke the demons have been exorcized.. he is free now! He asks what he can do to make it up to her? She tells him to find the man he was meant to be, find a way to be happy.. and choose to live. Luke puts the gun down and hugs his mother.

Bobbie and Valerie bond
Valerie meets Bobbie at the Metro Court, Bobbie wants to talk about Lucas.. not Lulu. She thinks he needs help with the wedding, nothing is getting done… Valerie says not every girl dreams of a wedding and she doesn’t want to get the middle.. not again. Bobbie wonders what she means, did something happen between her and Lulu? Valerie says no, nothing major, but she’s been in the middle of Dante and Lulu’s life without realizing it. Bobbie finds out about the mission to save Lucky and how Dante thought Lulu was having an affair with Dillon. Bobbie asks if something happened between her and Dante?? Valerie confides they kissed while Lulu was away – it was a mistake, and they both feel horrible. Bobbie gives Valerie a photo of a young Patricia and tells her she is here for her. Valerie realizes how much she misses her mom, and Bobbie says the situation isn’t insurmountable.. thankfully no one did anything they can’t come back from! Bobbie receives a text and finds out they’re tearing down the Elm Street house today.

Brad is married!
Brad tells Lucas they can’t get married, he wasn’t thinking through the logistics.. he wants to marry him, he just can’t. It has nothing to do with parents, he is already married! Long before he met him.. he admits he thought about telling him, but Lucas is shocked, he can’t believe he has been sleeping with a married man.

Down at the docks, Michael tells Sabrina he’s concerned about Luke.. the two start to frolic around the docks and end up getting passionate in beach house together!

Lulu shares with Maxie
Maxie meets Lulu at the Haunted Star, tells her about Nathan’s romantic gestures, and asks about Dante? Lulu tells her Dante was angry with her for lying, but eventually came around, but he thought she was having an affair with Dillon. She tells Maxie that he followed her and Dillon to the hotel and assumed they were there together, Lulu says he eventually did calm down and believe her. But they are not fine.. he kissed her cousin! Maxie is furious, she knew there was something up.. but Lulu says Dante initiated it, he was angry and lashed out. Maxie asks if that’s all that happened?? Lulu says yes, and she’s lucky that’s all it was. Maxie thinks Lulu is too trusting of Valerie, she isn’t blameless. Maxie thinks SHE should have stopped them, and explains she saw the two of them alone on the Fourth of July. Lulu is surprised as seeing Nathan and Maxi was NOT part of Valelie’s story. The two share a glass of wine, Lulu says Dante has now turned into husband of the year, and asks Maxie not to hold this against Dante. She needs everything to go back to the way things were. But she can’t forget his rage.. and it still hurts.

Dante confesses to Nathan!
Dante works out at the boxing gym, flashing back to his night with Valerie and angry words with Lulu when Nathan interrupts him. Dante confesses things aren’t good with Lulu right now because of something he did with Valerie. Nathan knows Lulu feels terrible about lying to him, but Dante admits he thought she was having an affair with Dillon! He crossed the line.. he admits to Nathan he SLEPT with Valerie on July 4th, after he and Maxie left their place, the day before Lulu showed up back home. He feels like his father, someone who cheats and rationalizes it.. he doesn’t think Lulu will forgive him if she knows the truth. Rocco deserves a mother and father who love him, and he and Lulu can give him that. Nathan asks if he’s sure he doesn’t want to come clean? Dante admits if she doesn’t forgive him, Rocco’s life will be ruined. Nathan says he won’t tell Maxie, and Dante thanks him. He tells him Valerie told Jordan, who gave him some good advice.. Nathan says if Lulu had been honest, none of this would have happened.

Lucas demands to know the whole truth from Brad, and asks Brad who is married too.. and is interrupted by a hospital emergency!

Michael tells Sabrina he is falling for her… hard. She admits the same!

Maxie arrives at the gym to see Nathan and tells him how Dante kissed Valerie, which he already knows. Maxie says she’s happy it didn’t go any further than that, their marriage may not be able to survive it.

Dante arrives with a big bouquet of roses for Lulu, she deserves to be showered with gifts. He says nothing will come between them again and tenderly kisses her.

Patricia watches over Valerie while she cries.

Luke tells him mother he loves her, when Bobbie arrives and sees the gun! He says it was just a fleeting bad idea, and he has come to a decision about what he’s going to do with the rest of his life…

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