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General Hospital on 7/24/2015 – Luke & Bobbie say arrivederci, Nina freaks out, Franco confronts Ava..

Bobbie arrives at the Elm Street house, Luke tells her he’s leaving Port Charles, and he and Tracy have decided not to be together anymore. He agrees that he needs to figure out a lot about himself and tells her about the ghosts he saw in the house – it was mama who spoke the loudest, there is a future for him! Bobbie asks if he can do it in Port Charles? He says he isn’t the man he wants to be, and has to get to the bottom of who he is.. and tells Bobbie she has always been a soft touch. Everyone he knows is doing okay right now, it’s the ideal time to leave. Bobbie starts to cry, he consoles her that she needs to be strong so they can say a proper goodbye. He wishes her luck with Scotty, and thanks her for bringing him back to town. They agree they will always have eachother’s backs, she gives him a big hug.. he needs to get on the road tonight. He hates long goodbyes! One last look, then he will head out. She says he will always be her big brother and leaves.

Madeline crashes dinner
Maxie and Nathan sit down for a romantic dinner when Madeline crashes and asks him to introduce them. He asks what she’s been doing since then? She invites herself to join them for dinner and asks about the Nurse’s Ball, taking a couple of shots at Maxie.. when Nathan accuses her of insulting his girlfriend, she pretends it’s just friendly advice. She needs to talk to Nathan about Nina.. a sensitive family matter, but Nathan insists Maxie can stay to hear it. Madeline thinks Nina is on the verge of another breakdown, she is hearing things now.. Madeline is afraid it’s Nina guilty conscience at work, that she kidnapped Avery. Nathan disagrees, and believes Nina when she says she wasn’t involved. She asks Nathan to look into it.. to go see her and talk to her.

Nina is losing it!
Nina returns home from shopping and sees a baby crib, and hears a baby crying! She picks up a doll from the crib, with it’s eyes x-ed out, drops it and runs into the bedroom! Ric sneaks back in and turns off the baby sounds. He has the crib removed while Nina plays the music loud – she comes back into the room and asks about the crib?> He claims the only thing he heard was her loud music, and she must have been imagining the crib. He starts to play the baby crying sound again, but pretends he doesn’t hear anything.. she starts to panic, frantically for the doll but Ric tells her to calm down. She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her! Hearing and seeing things that doesn’t exist.. she asks about the baby blanket, and Ric shows it to her, she now thinks she kidnapped Avery and blocked it out. He says he’s her husband and will protect her! She leaves the room to splash water on her face and Ric texts Madeline that she’s ready for the next step.

Am unsuspecting Kiki
At the boxing gym, Morgan tries to clear his head but all he can think of is Denise! Kiki arrives and asks what has him so worked up? She wants to go out to the Floating Rib tonight, but he says he’s beat and asks if they could do the fun stuff tomorrow. Kiki says no, she is leaving for her friend’s bachelorette party this weekend, but wants to see her Aunt Denise before she leaves. He agrees to meet her at the Floating Rib later

Franco confronts Ava
Ava flashes back to her passion with Morgan when Franco arrives to see her, no he doesn’t have the recording that incriminates her, but they need to talk about Morgan. He reminds her she told him Julian and Alexis were going at it in the next room last time he was there… but he knows that’s a lie! He saw them at the Metro Court leaving a hotel room.. and figures that Morgan the Boy Toy was warming up the bed. He reminds her he’s young enough to be his son, and asks if he knows she is Ava?? She say no, and admits she hooked up with him. He angrily asks how she can justify screwing her daughter’s boyfriend.. what kind of a mother is she?? Ava sits down to explain.. when she’s around Morgan, she feels the same attraction and love they felt before and hates being in this position. She hates lying to her daughter! Franco says he will tell Kiki the truth himself.

Laura shares with Scotty
Laura runs into Scotty at the Metro Court and joins him for a drink, she tells him she didn’t reconcile with Luke and explains what happened with Frank and Jennifer Smith. They reminisce about old times and she thanks him for standing up for her all those years ago and tells him the news about Jake. He finds it odd that Lucky would take off again, Laura can’t quite explain it, but mentions she has a secret now. Scotty offers to listen, he would never betray her confidence..

Franco wants to tell Kiki the truth – there’s a knock on the door, it’s Kiki to see her Aunt Denise!

Nathan arrives to speak with Nina – Ric lets him in, he sees the blanket on the table and asks “what’s this??”.. while both Nina and Ric look on.

Madeline is relieved Nathan went to see Nina, and wants to have a chat with Maxie about their relationship!

Laura admits it would be nice to talk about this stuff, when Bobbie arrives.. she tells Laura she just saw Luke at the old house, just one last look before it’s gone. He is also about to leave town.

Luke comes face to face with his young self and tells him he’s sorry for squandering his potential, he let him down. The kids says that’s what life is all about.. and our life isn’t over yet! He mentions redemption.. isn’t that the point?? Luke asks his younger self if he’s ready to hit the road?  The kid puts down the baseball at and walks out of the house with Luke.

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