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General Hospital on 7/27/2015 – Goodbye Luke Spencer, Madeline vs Maxie, Nathan vs Ric and more!

There’s an intruder on the docks and Sonny’s men bring him Luke Spencer! He tells them to let him go, and shoos the guards away – Luke tells him he’s waiting for a boat as he’s leaving Port Charles.. for good! He needs to go away and get himself together, find out who he’s going to be for the rest of his life, the demons keep swirling. Sonny understands, personally he needs the people he loves to help him deal with it. Sonny asks if this is goodbye.. and the two men smile. Luke says never say never and they reminisce about Frank Smith – they never would have met if it weren’t for him. Luke hands over the gun he used to kill Frank to Sonny, he has to find something else and different while there is still time. He looks out at the water.. he won’t know where he’s going until he gets there. Sonny wishes him luck and gives him a hug, asking him to watch Lulu and Rocco for him. He asks Sonny to tell lulu he loves hers, when Lulu interrupts them.. why don’t you tell her yourself?? She tells him she loves him and will be thinking of him wherever he is. He always knew when she needed him, he tells her she is smart enough to handle anything on her own.. she’s a Spencer after all! They hug and say they love each other.

Dillon meets Morgan
Morgan waits for Kiki at the Floating Rib, when Dillon offers to buy him a drink as a favor. He needs help with script dialogue.. and introduces himself, they laugh and say they should have known each other. Morgan mentions he’s waiting for his girlfriend Kiki, Julian Jerome’s niece.. but neither of them have anything to do with the mob. Dillon says he was seeing a woman in L.A., but now is single after being cheated on. Morgan says maybe it was an accident, and starts to read the script, which was marked up by Lulu. Dillon praises Lulu as funny, smart and beautiful when Morgan asks if he realizes she is married to his other brother?? Dillon says she is committed to her marriage, they just go back a long way.

Unsuspecting Kiki
Kiki knocks on Denise’s door, while Ava begs Franco not to say anything about Morgan – she doesn’t want to hurt her, and she promises to stop seeing Morgan! He lets her in and Franco tells her relationships are never what they appear to be.. he says Silas had nothing to do with pretending to be his fake girlfriend. Kiki says she knows what it’s about, and tells Franco not to give her that bull about Morgan and Denise again. She knows he would never act on it – neither of them would do that to her. Franco starts to sheepishly laugh and sarcastically apologizes.. he thanks Denise for helping him get back together with Nina. Kiki tells her once again she’s sorry she couldn’t get Michael to change Sonny’s mind about allowing her to see Avery. She wanted to make sure Denise was okay before leaving for the bachelorette party.. Denise tells her to have a great time and Kiki tells Franco not to con her aunt while she’s away!

Nathan questions Nina
Nathan finds Avery’s blanket and asks Nina where it came from? He needs answers – the blanket could be evidence in Avery’s kidnapping. Ric says she isn’t under any obligation to talk to him, but Nathan says he’s only here because he cares about her. He doesn’t want to believe what Madeline told him.. and wants to have the blanket tested, to put Nina’s mind at ease. Ric tells him they’re finished here, he needs to leave. He says fine, but he’s taking his sister with him. Ric convinces her this is what cops do, they twist your words – she doesn’t think Nathan would do that to her, but Ric strongly advises her against it, or she will end up in jail! She tells Nathan to go.

Madeline vs Maxie
Madeline asks Maxie why she thinks she’s good enough for Nathan?? Maxie talks about Georgie, and that she is head over heels in love with her son. Madeline insults her.. she is one neighborhood away from being trailer park trash! Maxie defends herself then snaps when she sees Valerie, looking for a lost earring.. dives under the table and hands her the earring. She introduces Madeline to Valerie. who asks why Maxie thinks she’s a home wrecking bitch?? Maxie tells Val she’s just standing up for her best friend after SHE kissed her husband.. she knows Valerie’s official story, and asks for the whole truth?? She forgot to mention Nathan and Maxie stopping by that night. Val thanks her for finding the earring and leaves. Madeline points out she was bullying her, but Valerie took the high road.. Maxie tells her to take her judgey-judgmements and go straight to hell! Nathan arrives to hear Maxie say she was only being nice to her as she is her boyfriends mother.. she is petty, cruel and a pretentious hypocrite. And disses her “hideous” outfit.. like her soul.

Nathan tells Madeline he’s handling Nina and to stay out of it – Madeline says Maxie was horrible to her when he was away. Nathan replies she must have been provoked, and knows how to stand up for herself –  it’s one of the things he loves about her! They leave while Madeline looks annoyed.

Dante makes an effort
Dante tells Lulu he’s going to be the best husband he can be – she tells him she doesn’t want gifts, she needs time to get over the fact that he kissed Valerie. She can’t stop seeing it in her head. He asks what he can do? She says she needs time.. not a lot as it was just one kiss. It’s not as if they slept together! Laura interrupts them, she apologizes for interrupting.. but it’s about her dad. He is leaving town tonight, and she thought Lulu might want to see him. Dante tells Lulu to go ahead.. she hugs Laura and leaves to find Luke. Laura turns to Dante and suggests they talk about him and Valerie. She knows about the kiss, and knows how much he loves Lulu – hearts get broken, and sometimes love takes an unexpected detour.

Valerie arrives at the Floating Rib for a drink, and Dillon asks if she’s okay? He admits it’s his and Lulu’s own fault Dante jumped to conclusions, but Valerie wishes there was a way she could prove to people she isn’t trying to come between the couple?

Ric tells Nina he is the ONLY person she can trust right now.

Franco tells Ava she has to help him get Nina back – she has to step up her game. If she doesn’t help, she won’t get her hands on the recording, walk away from the murder charge, or see Avery ever again.

Nina gets a call from Denise, and invites her for breakfast! She wants to talk about Franco.

Kiki arrives at the Floating Rib to see Morgan, and tells him Denise is distracted, trying to help Franco – he’s annoyed, but wants to think about them, it’s her last night.

Dillon suggest Valerie go out with him.. and they make a date!

Dante thanks Lulu for understanding, he wants to get back to the place they were at.. she hugs him and tells him to do his best. Lulu returns in tears, she just said goodbye the her dad! She gives Laura a letter from Luke.

Luke tells Sonny to take care, and to take care of Port Charles! Sonny wishes him luck.. Luke looks over the water, throws his bag over his shoulder, and says goodby Port Charles.. good luck to you.

Luke walks off into the fog, turns around for a last smile… then he is gone.

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