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General Hospital on 7/30/2015 – Ric & Nina at Shadybrook, a furious Silas, Laura grills Elizabeth…

Franco kicks in Nina’s door, but she isn’t there. As he decides what to do, Madeline arrives, expressing concern for her daughter. He mocks her for being a caring mother in the past and figures she’s there because she’s plotting with Ric behind Nina’s back for her money. She claims she barely knows Ric, they have come together during this crisis, making sure Nina gets the help she needs. Franco asks what she means?? Madeline says he can’t help her now, she really did kidnap Avery and it’s her guilty conscience eating away at her. Franco tells her he knows for a fact she didn’t – because he knows who did! He refuses to tell Madeline who accuses him of bluffing. He says trust me, I’m not and walks away.

Ric’s weaseling ways
Ric takes Nina to Shadybrook, but she insists she fine and wants to go find Franco because Denise told her he loved her – it’s ok that Ric doesn’t love her, he’s been a good friend but she has to go. He tells her she needs to stay as she isn’t well… they need to figure out what’s happening to her so she can get well. He argues he can’t always protect her, and frightens her by suggesting she could go to prison for kidnapping. Nina explains she has done bad things, but never blocked things out – Ric tells her she can’t ignore the evidence and he will protect her, as her husband. He promises he will see this through with her, but needs her help – he wants her to sign voluntary commitment papers! Nina starts to shake but Ric insists he’s trying to get her the help she needs, and still believes in her. She quickly signs the papers and he leaves to give them to the front desk and tells her she made the right decision.

Silas is furious
Silas is spitting mad when he finds Denise and Morgan in bed. He yells at him for betraying Kiki’s trust, calling him a selfish horny little brat.. Morgan tries to defend\s himself that he doesn’t really understand what happens between him and Denise. Silas says he knows why, but Denise warns him he doesn’t want to go there. Denise wants to speak to Silas alone and asks Morgan to leave them to chat.

Silas decides not to tell Morgan that Denise is Ava as he wants to tell Kiki first! He thinks Kiki deserves to know the truth about everything she did, Ava says if it all comes out, she will got to jail for killing commie, but he will go down for kidnapping Avery. Silas tells her he’s okay with that! He can’t live with what it’s doing to Nina and went to the DA’s office to turn himself in, and ran into Franco unstated. He knows what he needs to do, Ava starts begging him, if he ever loved her he wouldn’t do it. He replies if he ever loved her, he doesn’t anymore. She says it will destroy Kiki, but he says in time she will realize her mother is a sociopath and get over it. He is setting their daughter free, she already got over losing her mother once before. She can’t stop him and leaves.

A suspicious Scotty
Scotty asks Nicolas if he has anything to get off his chest? He mentions he ran into Laura, surprised that ucky brought Little Jake home, the left town. Scotty finds it suspicious, maybe it’s related to the secret Laura found out? He grills nik who claims not to know anything, then decides to go find out directly from Laura. Nik stops him and says they should just leave her alone about this, Scotty asks if he has anything to do with what’s bothering her?

Liz is busted!
Laura tells Jake she thinks they may have met before, while Elizabeth looks on worried. He admits he has glimmers of memory but can’t remember anything and Laura suggests he shouldn’t give up that easily. Patrick arrives to talk about Little Jake meeting Danny, but Liz doesn’t want to rush things.. Laura pipes up and says she regrets her two sons didn’t grow up as brothers. She had a choice back then and wishes she did it differently – the truth should always come out, no matter how hard it is. Liz tries to defend her decision but Big Jake and Laura both think it’s a good idea, so she relents and says okay. Laura points out Jason would be pleased with her decision. Patrick thanks Liz and leaves, Laura tells Liz she is actually there to see Liz… alone!

Ric returns to the Metro Court and tells Madeline he convinced Nina to commit herself to Shadybrook.

An attendant is about to take Nina to her room when she sees Franco standing there. He smiles at her and she grins back…

Morgan asks Denise if she convinced Silas to keep his mouth shut? Worried, she says I don’t think so.

Silas leaves a voice mail for Kiki – he needs to talk to her when she gets back.

Nikolas asks Scotty what he’s accusing him of.. other than corporate espionage, nothing, and lets Nik walk out of his office.

Laura tells Liz anyone can see why she would fall for Jake, especially since he’s really Jason!

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