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General Hospital on 7/3/2015 – Fourth of July fireworks, Frank Smith, Denise tells Franco the truth!

At the park, Kiki and Morgan are having a picnic – she tells him Franco and Denise are a fake couple. She explains that Franco wants to makes Nina jealous, but she also tells him Franco thinks Denise wants to make HIM jealous. She went along with the ruse when Morgan walked in to the Metro Court. Kiki laughs and says no, she doesn’t believe it as she was trying to set her up with Silas. He tells her that Avery is back with Sonny, and when she asks how he knows, he admits that Denise stopped by her dad’s place when he was there. She jokingly asks if she jumped his bones, but he says the visit was about Avery, she wants to see her, but Sonny already turned him down flat. Kiki suggests he tell Denise right away.. he doesn’t want to hurt her, and Kiki wonders how she got so lucky? She understands why Sonny has a problem with Denise – she looks just like her mom.

Denise shares with Franco
At Kellys, Denise tells Franco that Michael gave Avery back to Sonny, and now she can’t see her. She gets emotional, Sonny hates her because of Ava and tells him Morgan agreed to talk to Sonny for her. Franco asks what the hell is going on with her and Kiki’s boyfriend? He thinks Morgan is the reason she’s pretending to be with him, and he told as much to Kiki. Denise is furious, why would he do such a stupid thing? She insists there is nothing going on between them, and she doesn’t want to hurt her niece’s feelings. He eventually apologizes, and suggests they go to the park to enjoy the fireworks. She receives a call from Morgan and he tells her the answer is no, Sonny won’t let her see Avery. She hangs up and starts to cry.. Franco puts his arms around her and hugs her.

Sonny shares with Carly
TJ and Molly head over to the park for the Fourth of July, leaving Carly and Sonny alone – Rocco is staying the night with them, so Carly wants to know what’s going on between Dante and Lulu? He tells her Lulu cheated on Dante! Carly thinks that’s ridiculous, she wouldn’t have an affair with Dillon, there has to be another reason. Sonny doesn’t know what happened since Dante found their empty hotel room, but Carly doesn’t think it’s a good idea to leave him alone. Sonny finally admits he kissed Valerie! Carly is furious, and thank god Valerie shot it down.. Sonny thinks it’s between them, and admits they have bigger problems with Morgan.

Molly and TJ
Sitting in the park, TJ and Molly talk about Sonny – Molly asks if he’s trying to stick it to his mom by staying with him? He says she didn’t have his back when he got arrested, but Molly points out that she was just doing her job. TJ doesn’t want to talk about that and hands her a graduation gift.. the earrings he bought at Wyndhams. She loves the earrings.. but not nearly as much as she loves him. They tenderly kiss.

Dante and Valerie, interrupted
At home, Dante is drinking his troubles away with Valerie when Maxie and Nathan show up, ready to celebrate the Fourth Of July – Maxie stares at Valerie when she walks in. She asks where Lulu is, and Dante tells her she’s out of town, taking care of Leslie. Maxie is confused that Lulu would leave without telling her, then flashes back to Lulu admitting there’s something going on she can’t even tell Dante about. She covers up and says that’s great, and invites them to watch the fireworks.. Dante pretends Rocco isn’t feeling well, and sends them on their way, leaving him and Valerie alone again. She says this was her mom’s favorite holiday and reminisces how happy it used to make her.. she starts to cry remembering last year when her mom was too weak to go see them. The fireworks start to go off, and Dante takes her to the window to see them.. in honor of her mother.

Maxie and Nathan’s anniversary
At the park, Maxie is furious about Valerie.. she thinks she’s a man-stealer. Nathan insists she’s a good person, but Maxie points out that Lulu was concerned about her from the beginning. Maxie decides she wants to go back to their apartment, but Nathan puts handcuffs on her! He wants to celebrate the anniversary of their first night together, when he arrested her and lost the key to the handcuffs. He loves her even more than he did that night and pulls her into a passionate kiss.

It’s Frank Smith!
Luke, Laura and the rest of the gang face off with Frank Smith – Luke’s oldest enemy! Luke admits he never saw him coming, because he thought he killed him twenty years ago in the cemetery. Now in a wheelchair, Frank tells him one of the bullets hit his spine, and he dragged himself to the nearest road.. but thanks to Luke, he hasn’t taken a step since. Luke ruined his life and now it’s payback time! He pulls a gun and asks which one of his loved ones does he want to watch die first?? Dillon steps in front of Lulu but the guards knock him out – Luke points out that Lucky will be coming back with reinforcements, but Frank says he is nowhere in site. He points his gun at Lulu, and asks which one should go first? Luke says him, Frank tells him “wrong answer” and takes a shot.

Ethan’s arm is grazed with a bullet, and Luke yells at Frank to take HIM! Frank agrees to let the others go – Holly takes Ethan, and everyone leaves except Laura.. Frank tells her she has to stay.

TJ holds Molly close, telling her that her smile means everything to him.

Maxie and Nathan kiss while the fireworks go off.

Morgan is distracted, Kiki suggests he forget about Denise’s problem and they should make fireworks of their own.

Ava cries in Franco’s arms that Morgan was her last hope, Avery will never know who she is – that little girl is never going to know her mother! She finally admits to Franco that Avery is HER daughter.

Sonny tells Carly that he instructed Denise to stay away from Morgan.. and his baby girl. They watch the fireworks together… who’s got it better than them??

Valerie sits on the bed, watching the fireworks, and puts her head on Dante’s shoulder.

Ethan hugs Holly and Lulu, and they watch him leave.. Lulu says they have to get back to the warehouse. A shot is fired!

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