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General Hospital on 7/8/2015 – Dante & Lulu face off, the Hayden Connection, Paul Horsnby is back!

Valerie returns to Wyndemere, after turning down Dante’s offer to use his shower..

Lulu returns home, hears the shower.. and decides to join Dante. He walks out of the shower alone, and asks what she’s doing home? He tells her Rocco is with Carly and Sonny, everything is NOT okay, and how is her grandmother? Lulu admits she didn’t visit her, he smashes a plate and tells her he covered for her when Leslie called – it wouldn’t be appropriate to tell her that Lulu was off screwing Dillon Quartermaine! She quickly says that’s not what happened, but he refuses to listen after all the lies she has told him. He tells her Valerie saw the two of them hugging at their door.. he admits he followed her to Dillon’s house, when he opened the door in towel. Did he do her right there in the den?? She pleads with him that she loves him, but he yells that he followed her to British Columbia and saw her shirt on the bed… the same shirt he has taken off he so many times. He yells they have a son to worry about, and he isn’t going to pretend he doesn’t know she is screwing around on him. Their marriage is over! She quietly asks if he wants to end their marriage.. ? She lied to him, but it was to save Lucky! Her parents were pretending to be back together to rescue Lucky.. the kidnappers said no cops, and Luke made her promise. She had no choice, but he tells her she chose to trust Dillon, not him. She tells him they rescued him and Ethan, but Dante doesn’t care.. their marriage means less to her than being Luke Spencer’s daughter! She knows she screwed up, but her brother’s life was at risk. She really didn’t think he would believe she was killed her to lie to him and one bad decision doesn’t cancel everything they have together… they can come back from this. She tells him he can trust her, just like she trusts him. He shakes his head.. and says “except you can’t”.

Sam and Jake make a connection!
At the Quartermaine mansion, Sam shows Jake a device she got from Spinelli and cracks open the safe! They look inside and Sam admires a necklace, which surprises Jake as he didn’t think she has a jewelry kind of girl. He tells her all the other things he knows about her, and says she would be smokin’ hot in the necklace. She opens an envelope and finds a driver license that belongs to Hayden Barnes! Jake wonders what it’s doing there…how does Nikolas fit in to the deception?? It was his fault she got shot.. and ended up in a coma. He would have preferred to die, he is terrified of being helpless. They hear Valerie’s voice and quickly scramble, Sam pretends she brought Jake by to introduce him to Nikolas.. to get him to back off from ELQ. Valerie points out he isn’t there, and Sam asks if she knew what he was planning? And does she know how he is connected to Hayden Barnes…? She says she actually does.. Hayden stayed with Nikolas after the Nurse’s Ball because he claimed to know her “back in the day”. They had a fling in Europe. Sam thanks her and they leave.

Dillon needs to find Tracy
Dillon returns home to the Quartermaine mansion, looking for Tracy, and finds out from Sabrina that she went to the airport because of Nikolas to find Brook Lyn. Dillon figures out why she is going, and figures it a long shot. Sabrina thinks it’s good she’s keeping busy, she needs a change of scenery after Luke broke her heart. Dillon tells her Luke never cheated, and he needs to find Tracy to explain. He kept the secret for Luke, and had to lie to her. Sabrina isn’t sure how she will react when she finds out the truth, Dillon leaves her a message that he needs to talk to her asap and decides to head to the airport.

At the airport, Tracy bumps into Dillon’s father and her ex-husband… Paul Hornsby! She is still angry at him after all these years, and tells him he’s a troll. He calls himself her favorite ex-husband, but thinks that honor falls to Luke Spencer.. she tells him she despises them both. She admits Luke embezzled, but also broke her heart. She asks what he’s doing in town.. he’s there to see Dillon! Tracy tells him he is out scouting locations, Paul sheepishly asks for his latest phone number, and picks up Dillon’s message NOT to get on the plane.

Hayden’s condition!
At the hospital, Patrick tells Liz that Hayden’s vitals have picked up while Nikolas overhears them. Patrick leaves to look in on her and Nik pulls Liz aside to ask what the hell is going on with Hayden? They’re not sure if she will be waking up.. Liz says it will be a disaster if she wakes up as she is the only person, other than Helena, who knows Jake is Jason. She admits she is grateful for what happened to her, all their problems were solved.. and now she could blow their secret wide open! She has so much to lose if Hayden wakes up. She tells him she took advantage of the Quartermaines and stole the company – Jason will rip that out from under her and give it right back to Michael He tells her to sit tight, he has a meeting.. she decides to visit her, when she bumps into Patrick. How is Hayden?? Her vitals have gone back to normal, but they have ordered another brain scan.. he hopes she might soon wake up.

A warning for TJ
Alexis leaves an angry voice mail for Nikolas – she is worried about him. She runs into TJ and they talk about Molly going off to college and how much she will miss her. He mentions the recent fights with his mother. She knows he is living with Sonny now, but thinks it might be awkward for Jordan. Alexis is worried he could get pulled into a life that might destroy him! Sonny makes crime look glamorous.. he lies and cheats to get what he wants.. his business is evil. She can’t tell him what to do, but wants him to be careful.. she admits she likes Sonny too much, it’s easy for a Cassadine to embrace the dark side.

Liz tells Nikolas there are signs Hayden could be waking up… he says he will deal with it if she does..

Jake and Sam talk about Nikolas and Hayden.. it has left them with more questions!

Valerie flashes back to her night with Dante. Dante tells Lulu when a glass shatters, it’s gone. She insists they can fix this – it killed her to keep the secret from him, he can ask Dillon.

Dillon finds out Tracy’s flight just left, as she strolls back into the Quartermaine house with Paul! He can have his reunion after she speaks to him…

Lulu acknowledges the pain Dante must have felt and profusely apologizes.. she loves him and Rocco, it was selfish and stupid to make him doubt that. She asks him to forgive her, and he answers “it’s me who needs forgiveness”.

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