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General Hospital on 8/10/2015 – Morgan is upset, Nikolas visits Hayden, Ava’s deal & Jake proposes!

Still in the PCPD holding cell, Ava shows Franco a photo she took of Nina, kneeling over Silas’ dead body with a knife – if he tells the truth about her, Nina will take his place in jail. She threatens to use the photo in court, but Franco insists he knows exactly how she killed Silas. He explains that Nina walked in after Ava stabbed him and tried to save him by pulling the knife out. She was too distracted. Ava replies that a picture is worth a thousand words. He says she won’t give it to the police as it proves SHE was at the scene of the crime, and withholding evidence. She wonders why he wasn’t surprised to see the photo, and figured he already knew she was at Silas’ apartment that night… and why. She imagines the scenario where Nina stabbed Silas and Ava simply saw them through the open door. Franco asks her to please not give the photo to the police – she offers to trade the photo for the recording in Scotty’s possession! She thinks he is resourceful and can make it happen – after that she can drop the Denise Di Muccio act and become herself again. That’s the deal.. and she walks out.

Lomax vs Scotty
Scotty tells Jordan her case against Franco is weak – she should let him go, then try to build a case. Mayor Lomax interrupts them and says she disagrees.. Franco is a serial killer. The people want him to pay, and they are going to make damn sure that happens! Scotty tries to argue, and says he has his own money and his principals.. the evidence is circumstantial. Lomax warns him not to get interfere, or she will have him investigated – she instructs him to prosecute Franco to the fullest extent of the law, or she will ruin him.

Morgan refuses to answer!
Morgan is upset that Carly and Sonny think he could kill Silas – Carly suggests he may have panicked after Silas threatened to tell Kiki the truth about his affair with Denise. Sonny says they need to know the details so they can bury the truth, which upsets Morgan even more. Carly reminds him the police are going over Silas’ apartment and phone – they will find out about him and Denise, and Scott Baldwin will be happy to put him away. Morgan tells them they already arrested Franco for the murder! He leaves in anger and slams the door on his way out.

Nikolas visits Hayden
In her bed at the hospital, Hayden tells Nikolas she knows who he is – Nikolas Cassadine. She figured out who he was simply because of what Jake told her. she asks him to sit down and tell her how they know each other. She tells him Sam and Jake were there asking questions, but nothing is coming back to her. Jake also told her about her relationship with Nik and asks him to fill in the details? He simply says they are “friends”.. and flashes back to their passion. He says it was an on-again off-again thing, she asks what went wrong? He says they had their share of problems, so he ended their relationship – she wonders why he is there to visit her? He wonders if he could have handled things differently.

Kiki has doubts
Kiki talks to Sam about her father and the fact that Franco has been arrested – Sam thinks Franco could have done it, he may have been jealous of Silas being Kiki’s real father or any other reason. You just don’t know with Franco. Kiki laments that Michael warned her over and over.. the Franco she knew was kind and tender, how can she reconile him with the man who murdered her father? She can’t shake the feeling there is more to it. Sam offers to help her with the arrangements and tells Kiki she was a good daughter and Silas loved her very much. Sam tells her Silas was a great man and she really did love him.

Nina stays silent
Nina grills Nathan about a new suspect, but he tells her Obrecht didn’t specifically say who.. just that Franco has a theory and they should talk. He thinks Silas was killed because of a secret he was keeping, when Nina realizes something.. “oh my god”. She covers up and says it’s taco night, but Nathan knows she is holding something back. He asks Nina if she knows the secret, and she leans in and says she has an inkling. She decides she doesn’t want to point fingers and insists he talk to Franco.

Jake confesses to Liz
At the hospital, Jake asks Elizabeth about her relationship with Nikolas.. and admits he and Sam have been investigating him, after he stole ELQ from Michael! He says they have one lead based on Hayden’s words before she was shot – maybe Nik is the other person who knows the secret of who he is? He tells her he didn’t want to put her in the position of having to choose between him and her friend, but also doesn’t think you can build a relationship on secrets and lies. He wants to be with her more than he wants to know about his past and apologies for keeping this from her. Liz forgives Jake for keeping the secret from her, sometimes they can just think it’s best for the other person not to know and not to think anything more of it. He is amazed how she takes in stride and says he doesn’t deserve her.

Sonny and Carly talk about the bad blood between Silas and Franco, but Carly isn’t sure he killed him – she noticed Morgan didn’t actually say no, he didn’t kill Silas.

Morgan arrives to see Kiki and gives her a hug – she mentions Sam came by, they had a really good talk about Silsas and Franco. She more she thinks about it, the harder it is to accept that he killed her father.

Nina mutters to herself to keep it together, Franco believes in her and she believes in him.

Nathan arrives to see Franco – he spoke to Liesl and wants to hear his theory of who really killed Silas? Franco says he won’t say another word until his attorney is present.

Scotty threatens Lomax, but she asks him if he’s willing to sacrifice everything for a son he barely knows.. and who has blood on his hands?

Nikolas asks Hayden to move in with him!

Jake tells Elizabeth she deserves a lifetime of the best, if she gives him a chance.. and asks her to marry him!

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