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General Hospital on 8/17/2015 – Olivia is back, Hayden grills Nik, Brad explains his marriage to Lucas!

Dante and Lulu are thrilled to see Olivia! She greets Rocco and tells them she named her son Leonardo, Leo for short… Dante tells her she doesn’t need to worry about Julian as he believes the baby died. She wonders if she’s doing the right thing, keeping Leo from his father.. and asks Dante if Julian is really out of the mob? Dante admits they don’t know but someone has been going after Sonny. Liv wants to bring Leo to Port Charles, but that would mean telling Julian the truth.. should she do that?

Liz and Jake
Jake happily puts the engagement ring on Elizabeth’s finger, when she receives a call from Nikolas, telling her he will keep an eye on Hayden at Wyndemere. She shares the news of her engagement, it’s a dream come true but she doesn’t want to betray his trust. She tells him Michael hired Sam and Jake to investigate his ELQ takeover, and they think Nik knows who Jake really is. She doesn’t want them to find out the truth and asks if he plans to hurt Hayden if she remembers anything? Jake comes back and asks who she was speaking to? She admits she was talking to Nik and he knows that he and Sam have been investigating him. She apologizes for telling him about their investigation, she claims she was upset that Nik might know his real identity and called him. She accidentally ave everything away, and begs him to forgive her. He wonders if Nik told her who he was while they were on the phone?? She deflects the question and says Nik has invited Hayden to stay with him – keep her close in case she remembers anything, and also so she doesn’t have a chance to con anyone again. Jake asks if he’s trying to keep her quiet?? She says Nik wouldn’t hold anything back from her, especially now that they’re engaged. She insists he can trust her to tell him if Hayden remembers anything. Jake says there is nothing he could learn about his past that would take him away from her.. or make him stop loving her.

Meet Mrs. Brad Cooper!
Rosalie is Mrs Brad Cooper! Brad is surprised to see her, and Lucas is shocked he is married to a woman! He wants to know what’s going on, Brad stops him from leaving and wants to tell him everything. He met Rosalie in Miami at college.. at a seventies dance. They started hanging out together, and Rosalie was with him when he came out, but never judged him. He was still afraid to come out to his adopted parents, who assumed they were a couple.. the two got just to make his parents happy. They loved Rosalie and they were ecstatic when it happened – they lost touch over the years and didn’t even know they were in the same town. Lucas understands why Brad married her, but asks Rosalie why she married HIM? Brad interrupts and says she was a great friend, but Lucas says it doesn’t add up.. why wouldn’t he have just told him the truth in the first place??

Lucas grills them.. why should be believe any of this? Lucas storms out, and Brad grabs his arm.. he never lied about loving him, but Lucas insists it’s that trues, he should tell his parents and get a divorce. Brad shakes hi head – he can’t, he has to stay married to Rosalie.

Hayden grills Nikolas
Hayden has a flashback to throwing the vase.. and Elizabeth’s reaction. Nik comes back in and she asks what happened to the vase? He says it broke, it was an accident.. but she corrects him. She remembers that SHE broke it.. but can’t remember why. She remembers she was furious, Nik says it was typical of their relationship, which was volatile. She says a woman was there at the time.. who was she? He pretends he doesn’t know, maybe it was a maid, but Hayden says the woman didn’t like him… she asks what the three of them were fighting about? He admits he knows who she is.. it was a woman he was previously involved with, and Hayden was jealous as she had strong feelings for him! She asks if the feelings were mutual?

Sonny vs Jordan
Jordan insists on speaking to Sonny about the mob violence, and accuses him of getting to the suspect before the PCPD could. She says the dept is working hard on finding his “coffee” shipment, and he claims he doesn’t have people killed and reminds her of her betrayal of Shawn. He says she knows who killed the man, and why. He is convinced it was Julian – he has no honor and is trying to tie up loose ends. He thinks the second hijacker will end up dead – she needs to find the hijacker before Julian does. Sonny asks her to leave, and suggests she should go through his attorney. She asks about TJ, and tells him he won.. he has payback for what she did to him and Shawn. He says it’s her own fault, but it’s not payback – he promised Shawn he would look after him. He and Carly have been pushing him to have a relationship with her.. she deserves it.

Julian shares with Alexis
Alexis interrupts an agitated Julian while he’s on the phone, she asks what it’s about? He tells her Lucas and Brad have called off the wedding because Brad is already married. Julian blames himself for not checking up on Lucas and wishes he could have been there for him. Alexis assumed he was talking about the recent headlines, he thought she believed him when he said he was done with the mob? Alexis reminds me of his associate who died before he could talk, and would be a complete idiot if she didn’t question everything. She has faith in him, but she will still be weighing the evidence. He holds her hands and says this time is different – things have changed since he lost his baby and her. He doesn’t want to risk losing her again. He thanks her for sticking by him, and doesn’t understand what happened to his baby.. he assumed Olivia was making it all up, but he knew the baby was gone once Obrecht showed him the ashes. He never got a chance with the one child he would have a hand in raising. Alexis knows how hard it is on him, Julian says how amazing it would have been to raise him. He feels lucky to have Lucas and Sam in his life, but can’t help but dream about what might have been.

Dante and Lulu read to Rocco and tell him he has an uncle who is a baby.. she wishes Uncle Leo could be in his life, and hopes Olivia makes the right decision.

Alexis tells Julian she adores him and wants to be there for him – he says he never would have made it through losing the baby without her. There’s a knock on the door.. it’s Olivia!

Sonny tells Jordan they’re both on the same side here – in business, and with her son.

Jake promises Liz whatever happened in his past is gone – the man he is now is in love with her, and will stay in love with her until the day he dies.

Nikolas flashes back to his passion with Hayden and admits he was into her too.. he almost kisses her then apologizes, he promised not to expect sex in return for opening his home to her. He kisses her hand, and says he is a prince after all. He leaves and Hayden smiles…

Brad admits he and Rosalie have to stay married so they don’t ever have to testify against each other in a court of law!

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