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General Hospital on 8/20/2015 – Molly warns TJ, Morgan takes the stand, Ava opens up to Julian & more!

Molly notices how comfortable TJ is living with her Uncle Sonny… including the bodyguards. He tells her he may not be moving back to the dorm – he likes living at the house, and everything it has to offer. He’s not sure he could ever pick a dorm over the house, Molly asks what about her?? She agreed to go to PCU because she assumed they would be together. He tells her they never would have been in the same dorm anyway, but she admits she doesn’t want him getting caught in the middle of a mob war. She is concerned he’s talking about living there indefinitely, but he doesn’t see a problem. She is worried about her mom and Julian, and someone is now coming for Sonny, which makes him a target. She asks if he will have a bodyguard at school, she grew up around the mob, she loves Sonny, but everyone around him ends up getting hurt because of him. Just then, Sonny walks in, he heard everything.

Molly apologizes to Sonny, but he understands and tells TJ he will respect any decision he makes. Sonny tells him when it comes to parents, none of us are perfect. Before she leaves, Molly says sorry again before leaving, but Sonny says she never has to apologize for trying to protect the people she cares about. He sits down and the guard tells him they still have eyes on Jerome – they’re ready to make a move when ever he is.

Michael visits Carly
Carly thinks Morgan may be bi-polar, she wants him to see Dr Collins.. Sonny agrees and points out they make a good team when Michael arrives. He mentions the AJ Quartertmaine Clinic is back on track, Carly tells them they have picked a date for the wedding – September 2 at Sonny’s house, and wonders if he has given any thought to attending? Before he answers, Sonny decides to leave and wishes him luck with the clinic. Left alone to chat, Carly tells him Josslyn won’t be at the wedding, it’s her time with Jax. She knows it’s hard for Michael to see her with Sonny, he respects her love for him, but isn’t ready to let him back into his life. And may never be. She tells him Sonny isn’t worried about business, he’s concerned about Morgan! They’re worried he might be bi-polar, right now he’s he;s his own worst enemty.. she asks him to tell her if he is acting out of control, or being impulsive. Michael remembers him showing up at the Metro Court bar, looking in pretty bad shape. He needed a drink and asked why he cares about him when he’s being such an ass? Carly realizes it was the night Silas was killed.

Morgan’s testimony
Morgan is called to the stand in Franco’s trial as a last-minute witness, Ric asks him about his relationship with Kiki. He admits he spent time at Silas’ apartment including on the day he died – he had spent the night with Kiki, and stayed back to clean up. Ric asks if he was alone, he says no, Franco was there… he says Franco threatened to kill him. With a butcher knife. Ric holds up the murder weapon in evidence, Morgan says yes, that’s the knife. Ric asks if they had an argument, Morgan says yes, then Ric asks him what is about?? Morgan flashes back to their conversation about his affair with Denise, Morgan says he had unfinished business with Silas. Franco jumps up and says it was a lie! The judge orders him to sit down, Ric finishes the questioning. Scotty then asks Morgan why he waited so long to come forward?? He says Franco said he would kill him if he did. He nonchalantly says tumor or no tumor, those were his exact words. And he believes he meant them literally. The judge orders a recess, and Franco tells Scotty he was totally lying. Scotty receives a call and Franco mutters he didn’t think Morgan was smart enough to lie.

Kiki confronts Morgan – why didn’t he tell her about seeing Franco? He says he didn’t want to bother her while she was upset about her dad. She admits she knew he was keeping something from her and makes him promise to keep her in the loop, no matter what’s at stake. He agrees and hugs her.

Madeline visits Nina
Nina continues to natter in Shadybrook, to save her and Franco she needs to expose Denise De Muccio as Ava Jerome. Franco isn’t going to do it because of the photo Ava has in the cloud, so they only way he is going to go free is if Scotty gets him exonerated. She needs to get to the trial to support him, and opens the door to see Madeline standing there! She wants to get to the courthouse, but Madeline tells her it isn’t a good idea.. he’s a known killer. Nina snaps back that Franco didn’t kill Silas, Ava did. Madeline reminds her Ava is dead, Nina flashes back to Franco’s warning, and says she wasn’t thinking, she sometimes gets confused. Madeline sits her down and wants t o go over the business of her estate. She wants her to sign the document giving her and Ric power over her finances. She hands her a pen, Nina stares at her and says “I don’t think so”. Madeline says she will be evicted, but Nina says she needs to read it over before she signs it.. it’s something her own mother taught her!

Ava opens up to Julian
Julian is shocked when Denise tells him that she is Ava – at first he doubts her, but once he realizes it’s true, he gives her a big hug and asks why she didn’t stay hidden?? She tells him Silas was the only one who could help her, he asks if she had anything to do with his death? She says he was Kiki’s father, she loved him.. Julian points out how she shot Connie, but Ava tells him she doesn’t want to be Denise forever, she just needs the evidence to disappear. And that’s where he comes in.. Sonny is waltzing around free, and she wants to do the same. The case against her depends on the recording in the DA’s office, she needs Julian to break into the office and get it for her. She wants to resume her life as Ava, be there for Kiki, and they can rule Port Charles together. Julian says he walked away from the business, Ava insists they’re in this business for life – it’s only a matter of time before Sonny gets sent back to Pentonville. She understand he needed to lie to Alexis, but doesn’t need to lie to her.

Ava tells Julian they can be a team again – all he has to do is send someone to steal that recording. There’s a knock on the door, he’s being served with a subpoena!

Nina tells Madeline when it comes to money, you have to be careful – she will need time to read over the document, and asks for some privacy. Madeline says she will be back to check on her later.

Kiki tells Franco nothing ever good comes out of him, she’s done.. she’s glad Morgan will be the one to put him away for good. He smiles and sarcastically says anything that Morgan says has to be the truth?

The prosecution rests and Scotty calls his first witness – Denise De Muccio! Morgan stares at her…

Julian remembers Ava’s words.. and Sonny says it’s just a matter of time. Sonny looks up and asks if he’s responsible for his son’s lives falling apart?

Michael doesn’t think Morgan was upset about Dr Clay’s death, it hadn’t hit the news yet – the only person who knew about it was the killer.

Scotty tells Denise to take the stand…

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