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General Hospital on 8/21/2015 – Denise takes the stand, Nathan grills Nina, Carly & Madeline chat..

Scotty tells Denise to take the stand… Ric asks for a sidebar while Denise asks Franco if this was his doing? She reminds him of the photo she has of Nina on her phone, and starts to browse through it the phone while staring at Franco, who insists he didn’t tell his father anything. Scotty starts to question Denise on the stand and sticks to her story that she phoned Silas the night of the murder to invite him to a dinner party she was hosting for Kiki. He’s curious why she didn’t invite Dr Clay earlier in the day.. when he was at her home?? They have proof he was at Julian’s penthouse that day… what was he doing there? Ava flashes back to Silas catching her in bed with Morgan and threatening to tell Kiki everything – Franco stands up and tells Scotty he doesn’t want to do this. Denise says she wasn’t there, and didn’t see him there. Scotty continues his questioning, and asks about her relationship with Franco, were they seeing each other? What was in it for her? She says it was because Kiki was trying to set her up with her father, and he wasn’t her type.. Scotty picks up a folder, and asks if has anything to do with this? It’s a DNA test! He asks if she submitted to one.. she says yes, when she came to town, she is Ava’s fraternal twin. Scotty says he’s confused.. this test proves she adnd Ava are an exact match!

Nina knows more than she can say
Nathan pays Nina a visit at Shadybrook – she tells him Madeline wanted her to sign papers giving her and Ric control of her finances. Nathan reviews the papers and tells her she can’t sign them! She tells him she is now 100% certain she didn’t kidnap Avery, but Nathan wonders how she could be 100% sure.. unless she knows who did? She quietly admits it was Silas, and tries to change the subject when he asks how she knew that? He remmebers that Silas was at the hospital when Avery was kidnapped – he had means and opportunity, and asks Nina if he had motive to take the baby? Nina answers yes. She tries to change the subject again, but demands she tell him what she knows so he could clear her name. She admits she promised Franco she wouldn’t, and Franco also didn’t kill Silas. Nathan reminds her about Franco’s alternate theory, but when he questioned him, he clammed up. Nina grabs his hand and asks him to trust her… somebody else did kill Silas!

A frustrated Madeline is at the Metro Court bar, waiting for a drink.

Carly and Madeline chat
Over the phone Sonny tells Carly he’s okay of Michael can’t make it to their wedding, she informs him that Michael saw Morgan at the Metro Court the night Silas was killed, and he was upset. Her call is interrupted by an antsy Madeline, looking for a drink! She serves up a martini and the two start to chat – Carly remembers she was there earlier, upset with Silas.. Madeline admits her frustration with Nina herself. She’s sick, and knows she’s sick, but her Ric is only trying to help her.. they have to have her sign important papers, but she is resisting them. Madeline says Carly doesn’t know what it’s like to have a mentally ill child.. Carly says she might be wrong, her son’s behavior has been troubling, but hopefully it’s just temporary.. Madeline tells her she couldn’t handle Nina after a while, having a mentally ill child it can make a parent’s life impossible. Madeline hopes it all works out for Carly – they both wish they knew what they could do. Madeline says she just has to sit and wait.

Sabrina & Michael
Michael greets Sabrina with a kiss on the terrace, he tells her Carly and Sonny set a date for the wedding, he doesn’t think he can make it.. how can he ever forgive Sonny for killing his father? Sabrina asks him to explain what happened and she wonders if Sonny just couldn’t help himself.. maybe it was his bi-polar side. He tells her Carly’s theory that Morgan might be bi-polar as well.. he lists all the risky and impulsive things he did, but it could also be signs of an immature screw-up. He’s worried his little brother could be going through what Sonny did.. Sabrina says he needs to be treated immediately, if it’s true.

Julian & Alexis
Alexis arrives to see Julian, he has something to tell her.. he’s worried about his sister.. Denise. Alexis figures she was called in because she dated Franco, and asks if he thinks Denise was involved in the killing? He admits anything is possible. Alexis hopes Denise doesn’t get in the same trouble as Ava, and asks who had the martini? He figures it was Denise, she thinks it was nice Olivia told her the name of their son.. it seemed she had more to talk about. Alexis tells him she asked Liv about that.. but it was the same story, he will never change. Alexis says everyone thinks he’s lying, he wonders if that’s getting to her?

Olivia visits Sonny
Olivia stops by to see Sonny and is thrilled he has Avery back! She cuddles the baby and he shares the news with her that he and Carly are getting married again.. she is genuinely happy for him, Carly knows him and can handle the ups and downs. She wishes them both the best. He tells her how sorry he is for her own loss, and she says he doesn’t have to be sorry, she appreciates his sympathy, but her son is safe now.. away from Julian. Sonny tells her Julian’s walls are closing in, but Olivia wonders if he could be sincere about getting out of the mob.. maybe someone else is coming after him? He seemed like a changed man when she saw him.. but they will never get justice for Connie. Ava should have been sent to prison, the cops had all the evidence, Sonny says he lost it when he saw her lookalike sister walk in. The DNA test says Denise isn’t Ava… and there’s no way in hell he’s going to let her anywhere near his daughter.

Sabrina tells Michael he should wait to have a talk with Morgan until after Carly and Sonny’s wedding, in case he messed up their big day. Like he would if he didn’t go, he asks? Sabrina says it’s his decision, she will support him either way. He wonders how he got so lucky and kisses her.

Sonny says Denise is too close to Ava, Carly is Avery’s mother, which will cancel any Jerome blood. Liv tells Sonny that Ava can’t mess with his baby, and Julian can’t mess with hers…

Alexis tells Julian she won’t let anyone shake her faith in him, she believes he is being honest with her…

Nina refuses to tell Nathan more, but she did good not signing the papers..? He says yes, it was good.. he offers to take the papers and tells her to sit tight, don’t go to Franco’s trial and hugs her goodbye.

Scotty slams down the paper… Franco asks him to back off.. Scotty says the test proves she and Ava are the same person, while both Morgan and Kiki look on stunned!

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