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General Hospital on 8/24/2015 – Ava admits the truth, shares Nina’s photo, Julian confronts Sonny & more!

Sam arrives at Julian’s and shares a glass of wine with Alexis – he is away dealing with something important, Alexis believes his claims he is out of the mob, but Sam thinks he’s capable of anything. She agrees he has come a long way since he came to town, but Alexis asks just how long a way? Alexis says all she has are her instincts, and she thinks he IS telling the truth, even though it does look bad for him. She has decided to trust him until he proves her otherwise. Alexis admits Sonny knows how to push her buttons, they know he despises Julian, she tells Sam she envies her relationship with Jason – she just loved him, end of story. They change the subject to Franco’s trial – Sam wants Silas’ killer to rot in prison, but now she isn’t sure he is the killer, after talking to Kiki. Sam remembers how much Silas did for her family.. he deserved so much more. Sam hugs Alexis, asks her to tell Julian she is on his side, and leaves.. Alexis smiles.

Sonny vs Julian
Julian pays Sonny a visit, he wants to talk! He admits he is violating the terms of his bail coming to see him, and Sonny insists they will have a new understanding.. Julian now reports to Sonny! Julian laughs and says he doesn’t have a loyalty problem, Sonny offers to exterminate the rat who rolled on him to the cops. Julian turns on him and says I knew you set me up! It was payback – Sonny hired someone to put the blame on Julian, then had one of his own men shot.. Sonny says it’s diabolical which Julian says it right up his alley. Sonny says Alexis will eventually find out he’s lying, and he will be screwed… she will turn on him. Julian says his true enemy will have a gun in his back and leaves.

Elizabeth and Patrick
At GH, Liz admires her ring when Patrick asks her about wedding plans.. he suggests Maxie, who is looking for new clients. They’re interrupted by Obrecht, and Liz hands her an item from Brad – it’s the glass Liesl took from Julian’s apartment. She flashes back to calling Scotty with new information, and tells Liz she can discard the glass now, she doesn’t want it traced back to her. She is anxious, waiting for an update from Scotty.. she gave him everything he needs to clear Franco, including proof that Denise is Ava.

Liz and Patrick continue to chat, he asks if she is having any misgivings about the engagement? He’s happy for her, but they still don’t know who Jake is or where he came from. He has a dangerous skill set is part of the life he came from.. he’s worried dangerous people might come to the door and wants her to be safe. She admits she was scared but just needed time to think.. it was Sam who told her she has been given a second chance, and asks Patrick when he will propose to Sam?? He says she still sometimes gets a look on her face, she might not totally be over Jason, but hopefully she can trust in the life they’re building. Sam interrupts them and whisks Patrick away for lunch. She tells him has decided to follow Alexis’ lead and believe Julian.

Nathan and Maxie
At the Metro Court, Nathan arrives for lunch with Maxie, he tells her Nina suggested Silas is the one who kidnapped Avery. He doesn’t think she is lying, but she is refusing to tell him why as Franco made her promise. Nathan says they have been getting closer, and shows Maxie the papers that Ric and Madeline have been trying to get her to sign. He won’t let anyone hurt her again, then he receives a call from Ric.. he is sending him evidence, and needs him to do something.

Courtroom Drama!
In the courtroom, Scotty tells Denise he has proof she is Ava! Denise mocks his so-called evidence, she wants to know where it came from and suggests it’s fake.. Scotty submits the test results as evidence, while both Kiki and Morgan look on, stunned. Denise says it’s meaningless, but Scott says this new DNA was performed on her saliva, which can’t change. The previous test was from a blood smear, which CAN change especially if you’ve received a bone marrow transplant. He tells the court she received it from her daughter, Avery Jerome! He tells Ava she survived her fall, Silas helped her and discovered she had cancer.. the only way to save her life was through a bone marrow transplant, and he knew who she was all along, didn’t he?? He says the secret was too much for him and he was going to tell the world.. and accuses her of silencing Silas by murdering him! Denise says the theory is insane.. Scotty accuses her of causing Kiki pain, and it was too much for Silas to bear. Ric has no problem with the line of questioning, as Ava Jerome would face a trial for the murder of Connie Falconeri. Scotty accuses her of being indifferent to Kiki’s feelings.. Ava yells that she is her heart and soul, and everything she did was for her and her sister she came back to be with them and yells.. “I am Ava Jerome!”.

Kiki asks if she is hallucinating.. how can this be true?? Scotty demands the charges against Franco be dropped.. Ava stops him, yes she is Ava but she didn’t kill Silas. She actually has proof – Franco asks her to stop, but she shows Ric the photo on her phone.. your wife did it! She was at the scene of the crime to talk to Silas as he was going to tell Kiki the truth – she took the picture and got out of there. Ric asks for a recess.. he has no choice but to charge his wife with the murder of Silas Clay.

Ava gets off the stand and walks over to Kiki.. Mom, is it really you? She says yes.. the two hug and she apologizes for keeping the secret from her, and lying.

Ric returns and arrests Ava for the murder of Connie Falconeri!

Scotty admits to Franco the evidence came from Obrecht, and Franco sadly says they may have just really hurt Nina. Scott flashes back to the evidence that Liesl gave him, her unwillingness to take the stand, and suggestion to subpoena Denise.. she didn’t want Franco to know it came from her.

Alexis tells Julian that Same supports him as well, and asks how work was.. he admits some business is never finished. He asks about updates on Franco’s trial?

Ava is read her rights and placed in handcuffs… Ava tells Kiki that Morgan will take care of her, and they take her away. Kiki wonders how this is happening, and leaves to go be with her.

Over the phone, Ric tells Sonny there’s a change in plans.. Ava Jerome is alive.

Nathan shows Maxie the photo of Nina at the crime scene, he leaves to go find her.

Scotty moves to have the charges against Franco dropped, when Franco interrupts.. he did it, he killed Silas!

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