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General Hospital on 8/28/2015 – Franco tells Kiki the truth, Morgan insists he’s fine, Ric is free & more!

Nathan and Dante tell Ric they have evidence he killed Silas! They ask if he wants to co-operate. When Dante returns to his desk, Jordan asks what’s going on, she hears that Ric is considering his options. Jordan mentions she found Julian in Ric’s office, but she kicked him out. Dante wonders why he went to the office himself, it’s weird. Jordan takes a call from the mayor, they had the DA in custody as the evidence was too compelling to ignore but they had to let him go.

Dillon has an idea
At the Haunted Star, Dillon tells Lulu he lost his leading actress.. and mentions there was someone just as good.. her! Maxie interrupts them with bad news, the costume designer isn’t available either. Dillon asks her to convince Lulu into being his leading actress.

Nina in court
In court, Nina anxiously awaits for her arraignment with Alexis – she insists Franco didn’t kill Silas, the murderer is still out there, when Madeline arrives to support her child! Nina asks if she’s there for the document, but Madeline insists she is only there for her welfare. She angrily asks Alexis if she can do anything, Alexis instructs Nina to just say “not guilty” when she’s asked.. Nina wonders where the DA actually is? Alexis says he has probably recused himself, which is causing a delay.. the ADA finally arrives and the judge asks Nina how she pleads? She says “not guilty”.. and pipes up.. “Franco isn’t guilty either”. She goes on to say the sweet man is just trying to protect her, they’re prosecuting the wrong man”.. The judge tells Alexis to control her client, when Ric arrives. Aleixs asks for the charges to be dismissed, the judge denies the motion and bail! Madeline expresses her sympathy she’s going back to lock up, Ric says Mayor Lomax is relentless, he has to go forward with the trial, it’s politics and his hands are tied. Nina is led away and Madeline asks Ric if he managed to get the documents from the police stations. He mentions he ran into a little snag! Madeline is shocked he was accused of killing Silas… they claimed o have new evidence, but he says it was a bluff. They threatened him with a lawsuit, so they let him go. He opens his briefcase and shows her the document!

Carly and Sonny worry
Carly tells Sonny that Morgan is in crisis and needs them now, before the wedding. She wants to call him in and put everything on the table. Sonny doesn’t want to believe it’s true, when Morgan arrives.. he tells them he just came from seeing Ava, and he has ended it with her. For good. And he finally feels free. Sonny and Carly stare at him, and he asks if they want to talk to him about something? They want to talk to him.. about him, and ask him to sit down. Carly explains his behaviour has been different and erratic, maybe he should see a doctor? He laughs and says he’s fine, and hasn’t felt better.. and there’s no way in hell he’s seeing a shrink, do they think he’ crazy? Sonny tells him the word is bi-polar. Morgan reacts angrily, where is this coming from? Carly says his choices and actions are cause for concern.. drugging Michael wasn’t an isolated incident. Carly mentions the depression after he found out Avery wasn’t his.. Sonny says it’s a pattern, and he’s been through it! He was a hothead like him, he would feel high and untouchable, and then would crash.. all he could see was darkness, and he hid it. Morgan insists he’s NOT sick.. Sonny tells “do you think I like taking my medication?”. He says if he doesn’t, he hurts everyone around him.. and he doesn’t like hurting the people he loves. They just want him to go to the doctor and get help. Morgan understands their concern, but he’s fine – it all goes back to Ava, she is the disease. All he needs is Kiki, not a doctor! He insists he;s good – he appreciates their concern, but has to leave to meet Kiki, she’s going to her dad’s for the first time.

Ava in her cell
Morgan asks Ava to promise not to tell Kiki they slept together… she admits she wants him and her daughter to be happy. And promises she won’t hear it from her. Morgan calls for the guard and leaves her alone in her prison cell. Julian arrives to see her sobbing in the little cot – he’s there to give her an update on the “package” she wanted him to get. He says no, Jordan interrupted before he could make any progress. There is no way he can get back into the office, and sorry he couldn’t do more. She was hoping they could be partners again, and asks Julian if he’s the one making moves on Sonny’s business? He doesn’t answer, and she says it doesn’t matter, the recording is still out there and she needs to accept the inevitable. It’s over now, she has lost everything. She tells him Morgan just seemed to be there, she loves him and knows he loves her – Julian tells her she needs to cut her losses, Ava says Morgan ended it, and trying to make things work with Kiki. Julian says she can’t stand it, can she?

Kiki hears the truth!
Franco tells Kiki there was one other thing Silas was going to tell her.. it was about Morgan! He reminds her when she told him Carly was cheating on him.. she hesitated, but he deserved to know the truth. He says she deserves the truth now.. Morgan and Denise/Ava were “doing the deed” behind her back. Kiki thinks he’s making it up and has no proof… but he tells her Ava admitted it to him after he confronted her. Kiki remembers the night, he had been acting so weird, he says he really wanted to tell her but Ava begged him not to. She offered to help fix things between him and Nina. Kiki angrily says he’s a coward and a selfish jerk. Franco says he warned Morgan to stay away from Ava, and he lied in court. He was arguing with Morgan because of HER. He was desperate to keep his dirty little secret.. she quietly asks if he was desperate enough to kill her father? Franco says they have no proof he was in the apartment that night, and Kiki painfully realizes had she found out sooner, her dad would still be alive. Kiki cries – Morgan slept with her mother, and killed her father. Franco argues that his money is on Ava, she had the motive. Kiki remembers that Morgan told her he loved her and they were going to make a life together. But that was all based on filthy disgusting lies. She calls for the guard – she has to get out of there, and leaves.

Maxie and Dillon tell Lulu she would be an amazing Marjorie.. it’s the chance for a lifetime. Lulu asks Maxie if she’s so into the idea, why doesn’t she star in Dillon’s movie??

Sonny points out Morgan’s magical thinking, he really thinks that Kiki will fix everything and save his life.. Carly says as much as they would like to believe young love triumphs over everything, they both know it’s not true.

In jail, Ava tells Julian she’s facing life in prison, but all she can think of is Morgan – how much it hurts to let him go. Julian says she is much stronger without him. She makes Julian promise he will keep their secret – Kiki can never know.

Kiki opens the door to Silas’ apartment, and picks up a photo of the two of them.. she tells the photo she knows he was going to tell her what Morgan and Ava were doing behind her back and needs him so much right now. There’s knock on the door… it’s Morgan!

Nina returns to her cell, happy to see Franco again! She tells him Madeline and Ric showed up at the hearing, she was as cool as a cucumber, and didn’t let on she knows what they were doing. He says freedom and happiness is coming their way, they’re both innocent – who ever really killed Silas is going to have to take the rap.

Jordan gets off the phone and tells the detectives that Lomax is unhappy they didn’t have enough to hold Ric – Nathan says she didn’t have a choice, she couldn’t tell them the truth!

Ric says getting Nina’s signature will be a piece of cake – he will offer to get the charges against her and Franco dropped if she signs. Ric asks Madeline to explain how she got SILAS to sign the documents?

She flashes back to knocking on Silas’ door.. and he asks what she wants?

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