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General Hospital on 8/31/2015 – Kiki confronts Morgan, Silas’ murderer confesses, Maxie gets the part!

Lulu tells Maxie to audition for Dillon’s film – he agrees and hands her the script to study it. Both Dillon and Lulu are shocked at her audition, she was perfect and the role is hers if she wants it. Lulu beams with delight, and Maxie promises she would give him her all if he gives her the part.

Carly and Sonny worry
Carly wonders what will happen to Morgan if Kiki finds out he was cheating on him.. she thinks he could be ticking time bomb, as he’s placing all his happiness on their relationship. Sonny wonders how he could find out, but Carly can’t shake the feeling it’s about to blow up in his face. TJ interrupts them with news of Molly’s dad, there’s something going on at the station, she thinks he has been taken into custody.. that he had something to do with Silas Clay’s murder. Sonny tells him to stay put, he will go talk to Molly and Jordan.. Ric didn’t even know Silas? Carly reminds him he’s married to Nina, and is capable of murder.. it’s great news, he can hire Diane back! Sonny says he needs to figure out what the hell is going on… TJ did the right thing, telling them.

Kiki confronts Morgan!
Kiki opens the door to Morgan and avoids his hug.. he asks if something is wrong? He says he will do anything to fix things. Kiki says she’s upset as this is the first time she’s been in her dad’s apartment since he died.. he tries to convince her to leave, she says she has to stay, this is where she became a family with Silas and where Morgan convinced her to give their relationship a second chance. She reminisces how he talked her into making it work, even after it ended so badly last time, and he won her over. He says he’s grateful for that and shocked when Kiki says it’s too bad it was a big lie! She tells him she KNOWS he slept with her Aunt Denise.. her mom.

She asks him to tell the truth, look into her eyes.. he says no, he didn’t cheat. Kiki tells him she went down to the jail in the station, and Morgan tells her Ava is a liar, she promised she wasn’t going to say anything to her or anyone else. Kiki coldly tells him Ava didn’t tell her.. Franco did. And now so did Morgan. She yells that he screwed her mom and betrayed her.. she was an idiot all along, and Franco was right. He desperately says he was confused, he thought she was Ava and Kiki screams at him she’s just as pissed at her mom, but don’t try to blame it all on HER. He says it was messed up, but Kiki says it doesn’t matter – he cheated on her.. now get out! She opens the door and tells him she never wants to see him again! Morgan begs her not to throw it all away – Ava means nothing to him, but Kiki stops him and says get out. He says they can still make a fresh start, gets on his knees and asks her for another chance!

The plan for Ric
Nathan tells Jordan that Ric will lead them to Silas’ killer. Jordan commends them on the excellent work, Dante tells her he was following Nathan’s lead as he noticed Silas’ signature on Nina’s papers. Jordan thinks Lomax may back off for a few months if they find the killer. Ric insisted he never saw the document when he was preparing the papers, and it must have been Madeline. Nathan angrily said he knew they were out to get her money, and in order to go free, he has to get Madeline for them. They know Silas’ signature on the document was forged and need to get a confession from Madeline. Dante says Ric knows how to break someone down with questioning.

Madeline confesses!
After Ric asks her how she got Silas to sign the papers, Madeline flashes back to Silas letting her into his apartment. Ric points out it was signed the day he was murdered, she insists she was just taking care of missing documentation. She flashes back to being in Silas’ apartment, asking him to sign the papers, and she will be in on her way. Silas opens the folder and reminds her he already signed it, but she says there was a hiccup – they need him to sign the updated version. He asks who “we” is.. and she admits it’s Ric, Nina’s new and better husband! Silas says Franco was right, they’re in it together for Nina’s money. Madeline tells Ric she had to do what ever it took to get the money! She says Silas didn’t make it easy for her – she told him Nina was now in Shadybrook as she has been having episodes, and needs professional help. She’s a very sick girl. Silas says no, she isn’t – not to the degree they think! Madeline tells him she has been hallucinating about babies as she kidnapped Avery from the hospital.. Silas stares at her and tells her HE kidnapped Avery. She tells Ric things got heated.. he says she can tell him the truth.. she killed Silas, didn’t she? She scoffs at the idea, what reason would she have to kill him?

Madeline flashes back to her conversation with Silas – he was going to turn himself in for the kidnapping, and come clean to Nina. He isn’t going to let her rot in Shadybrook for something HE did. She can have his signature over his dead body.. she picks up the knife and says “if you say so”.. she tells Ric she had him where she wanted him, and went in for the kill! She claims she blackmailed him.. but flashes back to plunging the knife in his back.. “you bitch!”.. she angrily tells him she has to forge his signature again, as Silas lays on the floor, bleeding. Ric says he thinks she killed him – she had means, motive and opportunity… forensics will be looking, but he can only stall them for so long. He needs to know everything that happened, if she wants to avoid prison.. she finally snaps “I killed the sonofabitch”.. she had no choice. She hid when Nina arrived, and overheard her and Franco talking.. she slipped out when no one even knew she was there. Ric laughs and says it was quite brilliant, no one knew about it until now.. he unbuttons his shirt and shows her the wire taped to his chest!!!! Game over, Madeline..

Dillon offers Maxie the part and the three hug..

Morgan begs Kiki to give them another shot, but she tells him to get out – there is nothing left to fix, he and her mother made sure of that. He turns to lave and tells her he loves her and nothing is going to change that. Kiki sits down and holds on to the photo of her and Silas, crying.

Carly tells TJ she and Sonny will never see eye to eye with Ric.. TJ wonders how far he will get with Jordan?

At the PCPD, Sonny tells Jordan he wants to see Ric, Jordan tells him he’s wearing a wire right now to catch the real killer.

Madeline attacks Ric and the detectives arrive.. Nathan tells her to be quiet, and he arrests her for the murder of Silas Clay.. she is cuffed and read her rights!

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