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General Hospital on 8/3/2015 – Franco believes Nina, Morgan confesses to Sonny, Hayden is awake & more!

Franco sees Nina kneeling over Silas’ dead body with a knife… “help me” she says. She panics and doesn’t know what to do, while Franco gently takes her hand that is holding the knife and tells her Silas is dead. Nina gets agitated and asks him to stop the bleeding, but there is no pulse.. she tells Silas she was angry and is sorry, but Franco stops her – she can trust him, and wants to know what happened? She was angry at Silas and wanted to confront him, pounded on the door, but he wouldn’t open it.. she turned the knob and found him lying there.. a knife in his back. She tried to pull the knife out, and asks if he believe her? He says he believes her completely because he loves her. He hugs her close.. then says no one else will believe her, so they need to get out of there. He wants her to sneak back in to Shadybrook – a perfect alibi – and she can’t tell anyone she knows Ava is alive, or Silas kidnapped Avery. They would be motives for murder. She agrees, but first wants to say goodbye to Silas. She lies down on the floor next to him and remembers when they first met.. and all their shared moments.. this isn’t fair and she will never forget him. Franco says they need to clean up and cover her tracks.. she tells him she loves him and they kiss over Silas’ body. After she leaves, Franco wipes the knife clean, and talk to Silas about Kiki – poor kid has enough to deal with.. a lying mother, cheating bastard boyfriend.

Nathan accuses Ric
Ric returns to his room at the Metro Court and comes to face with an angry Nathan, he’s there on official business – he shows him a warrant for Avery’s blanket! Ric hands it over to him and says it’s a waste of time, the blanket is useless as it doesn’t belong to Avery, it’s his. He explains it was meant as an olive branch for Michael, but he can’t give it to Sonny now as it has the wrong initials. Nathan wonders why he didn’t say that in the first place? Ric claims he didn’t give him a chance, and Nina has now voluntarily committed herself to Shadybrook.. Nathan is shocked and accuses him of working with Madeline, when Ric angrily tells him to leave. Nathan says he is dangerous.

Laura’s decision
Nik asks Laura if she will keep Jake’s identity a secret? She flashes back to Elizabeth’s suspicions that he had Hayden shot, and says Liz convinced her it would be a mistake to tell the truth, as mother to mother. She agrees to keep the secret to herself, and Nik says that’s the best decision. Laura says she needs time to get used to things, but can’t do that in Port Charles – she has decided to visit Lucky, and will come back when she has figured out a way to live with the secret. She walks out the door, leaving Nik and Liz behind.

Hayden is awake
Patrick tells Jake and Sam that Hayden has just woken up, both Sam and Jake ask to be there – he wants to talk to her! They enter her room and see a groggy Hayden lying in the bed. Patrick tells her she is in General Hospital as she was shot – she doesn’t remember, and asks why anyone would shoot her? Jake says it was an accident, she was about to tell him something in the garage… his real name.. is that true? She says yes… he’s her husband Jake Barnes! She claims she doesn’t know Ric Lansing, and asks Jake what’s going on.. he tells her he isn’t her husband, and doesn’t know who he is. Patrick tells Sam and Jake to leave – Sam doesn’t believe Hayden is telling the truth, she’s faking it.

Denise grills Julian
Ava is distraught and turns on the TV – the mayor’s email server has been hacked, Julian walks in and she asks if he has anything to do with the attack on Sonny’s property? He claims he has officially quit the mob and laughs at her theory that he is just biding his time… he wouldn’t tell her anyway. She offers to tell him HER secret if he does the same. He mocks her that she thinks it’s truth or dare, when there’s a knock on the door – it’s Alexis, and he gives her a passionate kiss. She saw that Sonny lost another shipment, he assumes she’s there is check if he had anything to do with it? She actually DOES trust him, she’s there to nip it in the bid – he’s a new man.. her man. Julian and Alexis leave together.

Morgan talks to Sonny
Sonny arranges a meeting with the five families and runs into an upset Morgan at the Metro Court, and asks if he wants to talk? Morgan admits he has made a mess of things by sleeping with Denise. Sonny tells him he is disappointed in him, and disrespecting Kiki.. Morgan replies he has a deeper connection with Denise than even he understands. And Dr Silas Clay walked in on the two of them. Morgan doesn’t think he has the right to judge anyone, and he’s going to tell Kiki as soon as she gets back from her trip? Sonny tells Morgan he has to tell her the truth before Silas does.. when Morgan replies it may not be necessary. Sonny tells him to stop making excuses and tell Kiki, but Morgan doesn’t want to hurt her.

Jake wonders what’s changed with Hayden.. why would she lie now? Sam says lying her her natural state..

Nikolas thinks Laura will keep the truth hidden – it’s not worth the consequences. No one will talk, the secret is theirs alone.

Patrick tells Hayden that Sam is helping Jake – there’s a lot is riding on her survival. He wants to run more tests, but she say she will be just fine – things always turn out okay for her in the end..

Ric pours himself a drink when Madeline arrives for a progress report on Nina’s money! Ric says they have a bigger problem – Nathan is probably one his way to see Nina right now.

Nathan arrives at Shadybrook to see Nina – he tells the nurse he went to her room and she isn’t there! Nina walks in, and greets him…

Morgan tells Sonny to trust him about Silas..

Franco tells Silas it was a terrible way to go.. and “so long”. He wipes down the door and walks down the hall.. coming face to face with Kiki!

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