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General Hospital on 8/6/2015 – Sam grills Hayden, Franco confides in Obrecht, Denise is questioned & more!

Jake brings Liz coffee in bed, and tells her Hayden woke up, but only recognizes him as her husband, Jake Barnes. Liz is surprised, but relieved to hear Hayden is just confused now. Jake admits he is disappointed, but Patrick thinks everything might eventually come back to her. Jake says his past is still out there, and Liz expresses her worry that someone might show up and take him away from her. She confesses to hoping he never finds out who he is, even thought it’s selfish. He tells her he loves her and goes to get a fresh cup of coffee.

Elizabeth quickly calls Nikolas and tells him they have to talk. They meet for a quick drink and she shares the news about Hayden – Liz doesn’t know why she would still lie, but worries she could regain her memory. Nik insists he will take care of it, she asks what that means?? He says there are ways to deal with her, but Liz asks if Hayden was actually an innocent bystander when she was shot?

Sam grills Hayden
Sam pays Hayden a visit in the hospital, who pretends they just met yesterday. Sam accuses her of faking the amnesia, and being a con artist – she asks her to admit she knows exactly who she is. Hayden defends herself, but Sam tells her life’s too short, and she is going to figure it out. Patrick arrives and asks what’s going on, Hayden doesn’t know who this woman is, and wants him to get her away – outside her room, Sam argues with Patrick that Hayden is IS lying, he wonders why it matters to her when Jake gets off the elevator. He apologizes for interrupting, Sam gives him the news about Silas and he asks Patrick if he can see Hayden?

Sam admits she was out of line before, but doesn’t trust her – she tells Patrick this is about Nikolas!

At the PCPD
A distraught Kiki tells Dante she should have listened to everyone about Silas.

Franco waits in police custody when Nathan arrives to ask him why he murdered Silas Clay? They have Kiki’s testimony, he was carrying a bag with a knife with Silas’ blood on it, that also has his partial fingerprint. Nathan wants to know what happened, and Franco says he has nothing to give him.. and asks for his phone call.

Obrecht arrives at the PCPD to see Nathan, and tells him he has the wrong man – Franco called her directly, and she asks to see him! Franco thanks her for coming, and they two speak alone – he tells her he didn’t murder Silas, she wonders why he didn’t call an attorney? he says she is the only one he trusts.. the only one who would help her. He asks about doctor/patient confidentiality, she treats him for a hangnail, and he tells her he found Nina at the scene of the crime! Kneeling over the body, with a knife. Obrecht insists he should tell the truth, and can’t protect Nina, but he says he believes Nina, and reminds Liesl she can’t say a word to anyone now! He tells her Silas was the one who kidnapped the baby, Obrecht says he would have no reason, but Franco says everything he does is for a reason… he suddenly stops, and says he knows who killed Silas.

Nina’s worry
Nina leaves Franco a message on his phone and decides to call Ric, who comes to see her – she tells him everything has chnged, and he wonders who she knew about Silas? She claims she saw the news, he didn’t want to upset her while she’s dealing with the fact that she kidnapped the baby – she quickly tells him she didn’t kidnap the baby. Before she can say more, Nathan arrives to see his sister, to give her the bad news – Ric says she already knows. Nathan says he’s there as a brother, and Franco is now in custody.

Denise answers questions
Denise/Ava receives a call from Morgan, asking if she heard about Silas? Morgan has left messages for Kiki, and just before he can talk about something important with her, Dante arrives at her place to talk about the murder. He asks why she called him last night? She remembers making the call, it was about Kiki – she wanted to throw a dinner party for her, and it was time to get to know Silas better. She says she never leaves voice mails and was planning to call him back later. Dante looks on, unconvinced.. and asks about her relationship with Franco? She tells him it was just a cover for her “Silas issues, god rest his soul”. He’s only dating her to make Nina jealous.

Kiki leans on Morgan
Morgan keeps trying to call Kiki when she arrives at his door, devastated that her father is dead – she found him, and falls into his arms crying. She tells him how awful it was.. he asks why she came back from the Hamptons, she tells him her dad left a message that he had something important to tell her, so she came home early. Plus she was missing Morgan. She wonders if she would have come home earlier, Silas may not even be dead? She tells him they arrested Franco last night, after she caught him leaving his apartment – she called 911 herself. They found a knife in his bag, but part of her still can’t believe it – what reason would Franco have to kill Silas?

Jake asks Hayden how she’s feeling, and tells her the first few days of not remembering anything are the hardest. She can’t remember Ric Lansing or faking being Jake’s wife. He asks about the name Nikolas Cassadine?

Sam confides in Patric that she and Jake are investigating Nikolas – she didn’t tell him because she doesn’t trust Liz.

Liz asks Nikolas if he was behind Hayden’s shooting?

Nina freaks out – Franco couldn’t have killed Silas and tells Ric he needs to be his lawyer! He walks out to check on public defenders, and she tells Nathan he arrested the wrong person.

Kiki tells Morgan that Franco said there was another explanation.

Denise is shocked to hear Franco was arrested, Dante thanks her for her time and asks her to call him if she can think of anything else. After he leaves, she holds his business card and stares into space.

Franco tells Obrecht that Ava killed Silas!

Ava flashes back to leaving the apartment the night Silas was killed.

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