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General Hospital on 8/7/2015 – Carly & Sonny’s worry, Franco’s theory, Liz hears the truth & more!

At the hospital, Patrick asks Sam if she thinks Liz is helping Nikolas?? She explains how she is working with Jake to get ELQ back for Michael, and she’s worried Liz could warn Nikolas, as they are very close. He understands but asks why she kept it a secret from him? She apologizes and asks him to forgive her. He understands why she is doing it, and doesn’t want to let something like this come between them. Jake interrupts their kiss, Hayden had nothing else to add.. Patrick stops him and says he knows he is investigating Nikolas, and keeping it from Elizabeth. Jake looks sheepish but Patrick doesn’t think she would protect Nik if he was doing something wrong. He leaves them, and Jake says he doesn’t know what to believe about Hayden at this point.

Franco’s theory
Franco tells Obrecht that Ava killed Silas, he’s telling her the truth.. Ava is alive and masquerading as Denise DeMuccio! Liesl says her DNA wasn’t a match with Ava, but Franco explains she had a bone marrow transplant and now shares DNA with Avery. Obrecht laughs and says it all makes sense.. Franco says Ava had the most to lose if the truth came out. Obrecht wonders why Ava would kill Silas after everything he did.. it doesn’t add up, Franco thinks it might have to do with Kiki? He told Silas about Ava and Morgan going at it like rabbits, and he was furious – maybe he had it out with her, and she opened up his veins before he could open up his mouth?? He theorizes that Ava killed Silas, ran away, then Nina appeared and panicked.. trying to help Silas, she pulled out the knife which is when Franco arrived. He kicks himself for wiping prints off the knife as that would have included Ava’s prints.. how will they prove Ava is the killer? He thinks they need to hire a private investigator.

Obrecht thinks Franco may have left some evidence, and her son will find it.. she will call Nathan, so Franco can explain everything to him… including everything about Ava Jerome.

Hayden’s update
Hayden tells Jake she doesn’t remember anything, including Nikolas Cassadine – he tells her they were supposedly involved in Europe, Hayden laughs it off and he asks if she remembers staying with him at Wyndemere before she was shot? She says no, and asks about Sam, who was all up in her face earlier.. she seems to be vested in finding out the truth about Jake. She then tells Jake she is tired and asks him to leave.

Nik comes clean!
At the bar, Elizabeth asks Nikolas if he had anything to do with Hayden’s shooting? She doesn’t understand why he was calm and called her bluff when she threatened to tell Jake the truth – he claims he simply meant they would deal with anything they had to say. Liz thinks he meant he would shut Hayden up for good. She grills Nik but he says it was a coincidence and to leave it at that, but finally admits it.. yes, he tried to have Hayden killed! Liz starts to freak out, it’s actually real.. she stands up and he stops her.. he wanted her to be happy, but it was also for him. He needed to stop the blackmail. Liz asks if he plans to finish the job now that Hayden is awake?? He slyly asks if that’s what she wants him to do? She says no, she doesn’t want him to kill her – she is terrible person, but so is she! She can’t take part, but Nikolas says she just has to look the other way – she tells him not to kill her. Nikolas asks if she wants to give up everything she has with Jake/Jason, but Liz says she can’t look the other way – Nik says Jason could be taken away from her at any time. Other than killing her, what’s the alternative?? Liz says hope for the best..and Nik replies expect the worst.

Carly and Sonny worry
Carly is playing with Avery when Sonny returns home from New York – he thinks Julian Jerome hijacked his shipments. Carly mentions that Denise denied it, she went to see her to make sure she stays away from Morgan. He asks for more details, Carly admits she told her to stay the hell away from their son.. Sonny tells her Morgan actually slept with Denise, and Carly freaks out. Why would be be attracted to her.. and cheat on Kiki with her?? Sonny is sure Kiki’s father would feel the same way, and tells her that Silas caught the two of them in bed yesterday, and was planning to tell Kiki. Carly covers her face with her hands and gives Sonny the news that Silas Clay is dead.. he was murdered! Sonny asks if Morgan said anything, but Carly says he only talked about Kiki then wanted to change the subject – Carly wonders aloud if Morgan did this to keep Silas from telling Kiki and him and Denise? Sonny doesn’t think he’s a killer but Carly points out their son is impulsive, and acts without thinking.. what if he went over there and lost it on Silas? Sonny explains how he advised Morgan to tell Kiki the truth before Silas had a chance, but he didn’t want to do anything. Morgan also said Silas wouldn’t tell her.. he decides they need to talk to Morgan.

Morgan says goodbye
Ava flashes back to leaving Silas’ apartment and reads the newspaper when Morgan arrives to talk – he tells her why Kiki came home early, and how she discovered Silas’ body. Denise tells him Dante already asked her about the call she made to Silas, she pretended it was to invite him to a dinner party – they are in the clear. Morgan says they are being selfish and Kiki doesn’t deserve everything that has happened. She needs him right now, and tells Denise it’s over.. they are done for real this time. Morgan says Franco swears he didn’t do it, and will need to divert suspicion from himself.. put it on someone else. Denise says Kiki needs Morgan now and he says he will miss her.. she starts to cry, the two share a last kiss and he walks out. Ava pulls herself together and decides to deal with Franco before he sings to the cops.

Nina pleads with Nathan
At the PCPD, Nina tells Nathan she knows Franco didn’t kill Silas, but won’t give him a reason. Nathan tells her about the evidence, and can’t eliminate him as a suspect. Unless she was physically present to witness the crime, he can’t use anything she says to exonerate Franco. Without another witness they have to keep building the case against Franco. Nina asks him to take her word for it, as his sister.. Franco is innocent. She wants him to check out everything – financial records, etc. He says with evidence they are willing to consider alternate suspects. Nina asks Nathan to pinky swear he will check out all other possibilities? He asks her to trust him when his phone rings.. it’s his mother! Obrecht asks him to hear Franco out.. take him seriously.. he has a viable theory about Silas’ murder, he was killed because of a secret he was keeping. She asks him to speak to Franco in person.

Walking with Sam, Jake doesn’t like keeping secrets from Li, maybe they should tell her they’re taking a closer look at her good buddy Nik.

Patrick runs into Elizabeth as she arrives at the hospital, he tells her Sam is convinced Hayden is lying about not remembering anything.

Nikolas walks into Hayden’s hospital room and closes the blinds.. Hayden stares up at him.

Denise arrives at the station, then slips into the room where Franco is being held. He tells her he knows she killed her ex-boyfriend. He knows about the voice mail Silas left for Kiki – and if Kiki found out Ava was alive and banging her boyfriend, she would go to jail for killing Connie and lose her daughter forever. She took a knife and stabbed Silas in the back – this time, there is no way out for her.

Ava leans over and tells Franco if he tells anyone about her, he will have to explain what Nina was doing at the scene of the crime while Silas was bleeding out!

Morgan arrives home, Carly and Sonny need to ask him a question.. “did he kill Silas Clay?”.

Nathan tells Nina there could be another suspect in Silas’ murder.

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