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General Hospital on 9/11/2015 – Elizabeth’s guilt, Patrick’s concern, the family watches over Sonny and more!

Over the phone, Nikolas tells Liz he told Hayden that perhaps Helena knew who Jake was, when she walks in. He quickly hangs up, and she mentions Spencer’s school project – a family tree. Maybe they can both help him as it might jog her memory, and wasn’t he just talking about her old friend Helena? Before he answers, Sloane arrives to discuss what happened earlier and asks Hayden to stay for the chat. He asks Nik if he’s enjoying his freedom?? He lied for him, it’s a fact he rigged the election.. he knows it too. So how much is it worth? He hasn’t been duly compensated – Nik points out if he confesses, it’s a federal crime, and he shouldn’t have told Anna in the first place! Sloane wants payment as this has cost him Anna – Nik laughs that it’s not his fault that Sloane double-crossed Anna by lying to Sam and Jake, and now he wants compensation? Hayden asks if he’s a masochist or an idiot, but Sloane says they could’ve had something real, he was just distracted by Nikolas’ money. Hayden has sympathy for him – he’s a tragic figure who chose money over love. Nikolas says he has money for him, but not sympathy, and they will talk about money tomorrow. As Sloane leaves, Hayden tells him not to give up on love – Nikolas mocks her and she asks Nik if love even matters to him?

Jake and Elizabeth
Jake returns home to Liz, she is shocked to see the blood on his shirt, but he tells her it was Sonny who was shot, he reacted without thinking and killed three men. Liz freaks out that he could have been killed, he said Sam was with him, and they did what they could to save him. But Sonny said something odd – he knew he would come, he always does. Liz just stares at him. She tells him Sonny was probably incoherent, but Jake doesn’t think so. He felt responsible, like he couldn’t stand to lose him. Liz says it happens, the feeling is natural with trauma patients, but Jake thinks it was more than that. He wants to go upstairs for a shower, but a frightened Liz stops and asks if it’s a one-time deal.. she doesn’t know what she would do he he got hurt? He assures her he isn’t going anywhere and leaves for a shower.

At the PCPD
Anna stops Jordan’s office and finds her crying about TJ, she blames herself for sending TJ to live with Shawn. Anna thinks she made an honorable choice, but Jordan says he see Sonny as a hero now – he only blames Julian. Jordan doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest him, and mentions she will arrange for Sloane’s immunity deal. Anna says that won’t be necessary as Sloane betrayed her. He denied everything when confronted by Jake and Sam, she thinks he’s in deeper with Nik than she realized. Jordan thinks she can get him, but Anna flashes back to Sloane’s earlier threat about Carlos and says she doesn’t think she can. Her word isn’t enough to convict him, But Jordan says it’s enough for a search warrant – Anna remembers that Sloane kept her gun for insurance, and she says evidence won’t be hidden where it’s easily found. Without proof the guilty will walk. Jordan wonders why she’s giving up so easily? Aanna says she could lose her job, and Jordan says she will table the investigation until she has more proof. Anna tells Jordan she was right, she does need to take a chance, just not with Sloane.

After Lulu tells Dante that Olivia saw Julian at the pier when Sonny was shot, Morgan violently grabs Julian. Officers drag him off and hold him back while he yells ‘you sonaofabitch’. Dante tells him to call down while Morgan continues to vent his anger – they know it’s him, Dante needs to lock him up and throw away the key. Julian says he hasn’t done anything wrong and will be taking his leave! Dante tells him to stay put, he can hold him for 48 hours – Morgan threatens him, if he sees him out, he’s coming after him! Lulu says enough and send Morgan back to the hospital, but not before he makes one last threat to Julian.

Julian tells Dante he should hold Olivia as well – Lulu says it’s ridiculous, but he points out she is Sonny’s ex, and he cheated on her.. says men like Sonny never change, and he hopes for Lulu’s sake that Dante hasn’t inherited his wandering eye?! Dante quickly reacts and punches him..

At the hospital
At GH, Patrick tells Carly that Sonny needs surgery, and he could could end up paralyzed – they have to wait until tomorrow morning. He can have visitors, but only one at a time, Carly sends Michael in first.. Patrick admits he could die.

Sam tells Patrick she was never in any danger, she explains they heard the shooting and Jake told her to stay safe – and yes, Jake was involved in the shooting. It was the only way to save Sonny and TJ. She rode in the ambulance, and asks if he’s mad at her?? He admits he admires her, but it scares the hell out of her when she runs towards gunshots. His fears are selfish, but he wants to keep her with him – he apologizes, but Sam says she’s feeling better as they have talked about it. Isn’t that what relationships are all about? She tells him she’s with him now, happy in a way she never thought was possible. He asks if she misses the adrenaline? She doesn’t miss the fear, or what Carly is going through right now, but understands why she stays with Sonny. She puts her arm around {Patrick and says she loves him, the surgeon who saves lives, not takes them.. and this is the life she wants. With him.

TJ approaches Carly and apologizes to her, it’s his fault Sonny was shot. Carly tells him it wasn’t his fault, he was bait and Sonny came for him just like he would for any of his kids.

Michael stands next to an unconscious Sonny and tells him he posted more guards, Morgan went to go let off some steam, and he’s going to call Christina. Carly wanted him to come in first, he sits down next to the bed and gets emotional – he’s going to do everything he can to make it right. He says “I love you dad”. He admits he will never stop loving him, he IS his father, and he will always be his son.

Michael comes back out and tells Carly she should be with him now. She walks in and gently touches his head – all she wants on their wedding day is for him to live! She loves him, he’s in bad shape, but she needs him to fight – they are going to get through this together. They can survive this. She picks up his tie and jacket and holds them close, and says she will replace these – their wedding is not cancelled, it’s just postponed. They will have even more of a reason to celebrate, and it will happen soon.

TJ tells Michael about Charlie’s panic – he didn’t see Sonny’s shooter, but he was so hurt he doesn’t know how a person can come back from that.

TJ goes in to see Sonny, when Morgan arrives and tells Carly and Michael that Dante has Julian in custody. TJ thanks Sonny for saving his life, and taking him in – now it’s his turn to be there for him, and he will repay his debt.

Nikolas tells Hayden that love isn’t for him, she laughs – she sees a man who is afraid to love again, and has been hurt. She asks if she hurt him, he says it was the other way around..

Liz starts to cry, she kept Jake away from his family because she wanted him to be with her – when Jake comes downstairs, she has to tell him something!

Patrick sees Sonny’s scans.. it’s not good. Sam begs him to save Sonny – once retaliation starts, the violence is only going to escalate.

Morgan paces and asks what they’re supposed to do, Carly says they need to stay with him., and Michael says he needs to hear his voice. A note falls out of Sonny’s jacket pocket – it’s his wedding vows.

Julian tells Dante he’s going to sue for police brutality, Dante tells the officers to take him away – Lulu says he isn’t worth losing his job over. He wants to go see Sonny – if something happens to him, he doesn’t know what he’s going to do.

Morgan walks into Sonny’s room – it’s his fault, he should’ve protected him, look what Julian has done. He’s going to pay for what he’s done.. he leans down and whispers he’s going to kill him!

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