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General Hospital on 9/14/2015 – Jake reassures Liz, Carly prays for Sonny, Nina gets her life back & more!

Nathan arrives at Maxie’s, she tells him how awful it was to see the wedding interrupted.. they were surrounded by flowers and champagne, but all the joy and sparkle was gone from the day. Holding Avery made her realize how much she misses Georgie, and she is just so sad right now. Carly and Sonny deserve a chance at happiness. He tells her it’s pretty bad, but Nina was released from prison today.. she’s a free woman. Nathan tells her she’s gong back to her suite at the Metro Court, and wants to be with Franco. Nathan says he was going to go to prison for her, he really loves Nina.. which makes him and Nathan more alike than Maxie may realize.

Elizabeth wants to confess
At home, a tearful Elizabeth tells Jake she has to share something… everything she has done has been out of love for him. She has done something so terrible and dishonest, it’s going to destroy them! He insists they have been through so much, they can handle everything. She admits she was hopelessly in love with Jason, he wonders what Jason has to do with anything he has to tell her? She mentions they have a son together, but Sam, Danny and Jason were supposed to be a family.. she didn’t want that. At that moment, Little Jake comes downstairs, upset about a bad dream – Jake went away, just like all his other dads. Jak sits him down and promises he is never going anywhere.. while Liz looks on, teary. He explains he has bad dreams too – they scare him, but he think about real things in his life. Like his mom, and brothers.. little Jake asks if Big Jake can put him to bed, and he carries the little boy upstairs.

At the hospital
Looking at Sonny’s vows, Carly tells Michael they were going to be so happy and decides to go to the chapel to read them. Michael gives her a hug and says he isn’t going anywhere.. neither is Sonny.

Dante arrives to see Sonny and gets an update from Patrick, he needs surgery to remove the bullet. He needs all the support he can get right now. Dante thanks Sam for riding with him in the ambulance, she asks if there is an update on the investigation, and he tells her Julian was near the scene shortly before the shooting. He informs her Julian is in lock-up right now and leaves to check on Sonny. Sam is shocked that Julian was on the pier, Patrick reminds her she was there with Jake and asks Patrick asks what Jake did to save Sonny and TJ..? She says he killed three men, if it weren’t for him, Sonny and TJ would be dead. Patric doesn’t understand how she can be so calm, and she says Jason was the same way and she’s glad he did it! Patric doesn’t get how he saves lives but men like Jake and Jason can take them away just like that. He apologizes and has to get back to the ER, Sam asks him to tell Carly she is praying for them. She is glad Julian is locked up right now, it’s the safest place for him right now as she doesn’t think Sonny’s side would retaliate at a police station.

A distraught Morgan tells Sonny that Julian Jerome is a dead man… and he will keep him safe. Morgan cries over Sonny and wants to prove he is a better son.. he knows what he has to do. Dante interrupts him, and says he’s doing everything he can to find something on Julian. Morgan leaves Dante alone with an unconscious Sonny.. he tearfully asks what he’s doing here?? He knows better than to walk into an ambush alone! He tearfully tells him he will always have his back, and he doesn’t want to lose him right now. He calls him selfish for making himself a target – if he really loves his kids, maybe he should try living for them, being a dad instead of the Teflon Don. He chooses not to give it up.. he leans in and says I blame you, when the machine starts beeping!

Morgan sits down with Julian, and find out Carly is at the chapel. Carly lights a candle and starts to read Sonny’s emotional vows out loud, how much he lovers her. and how great they are together. They don’t know what’s going to happen, but if he dies tomorrow, he’s a happy man because he spent he last of his life with her. She starts to remember all their moments together…

Morgan angrily says that Julian has to pay, but Michal tells him to calm down.. getting angry will only make it worse, if he can’t control it, maybe he should see the psychiatrist like he promised Sonny. An agitated Morgan stands up.. when Dante runs out, there’s something wrong with Sonny.

Nina and Franco are free!
Ric leaves an angry message for Max, and returns home to find a crib and baby in his suite! With the sound of a crying baby, Nina and Franco appear.. and tell him he’s losing his mind. He’s surprised they two of them were released, and Nina points how how quick he was to have Madeline put away. But they know he and Madeline were plotting against her, to make her think she was losing her mind. Franco says they can prove the whole thing. Franco knows his phone has the baby sound effect, and they talked to the hotel employee who delivered the crib and creepy doll. .and also made it disappear. And the employee has agreed to testify against him.. they can send him to prison! Ric laughs and says he is the DA, anything has to go through him, but Franco says he will be removed and Scotty restored as the DA. He admits they have a valid point, and asks what he needs to do – they hand him annulment papers to sign! He’s giving up his rights to Nina AND her money. Ric argues that he still is her husband with certain rights, but Franco drapes his arms over his shoulders and insists he sign. Take the pen or to go the pen.. and Ric agrees to sign!

Nina asks Ric if ever loved her, and when he sputters, she laughs and says she’s totally kidding.. it was worth it to see what he came up with! Franco opens the door and says their business is complete, and it’s time to leave. And all his stuff is t the front desk. When they close the door behind him, Franco and Nina stare at each other.. they are free of everything and everyone!

Nina tells Franco she’s happy because of him – they both tell each other they’re the best, and now it’s just them.. and now what? Now this.. he leans it to give her a tender kiss.

Maxie admits they all make mistakes.. and maybe Nina’s led her to Franco. Nathan asks if all’s well that ends ell? She reminds him about Carly – one moment she’s about to marry the man she loves, then she’s getting the worst news of her life from Jake.

Jake tells Elizabeth he’s not going to abandon them, no matter what she has to tell him…they’re a family now. So let’s hear it, what’s going on? She says she did something terrible to Sam.

Sam tells Patrick she hopes Sonny takes a turn for the better. He rushes into Sonny’s room!

Michael interrupts Carly.. Sonny needs her!

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