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General Hospital on 9/17/2015 – Kristina is back, Julian wants to run, Ava is free & more!

Lulu tells Valerie she found Dante in the chapel, begging for forgiveness, which was strange. Valerie understands why he would be upset, and points out it has hit Morgan particularly hard. Lulu decides to return to the station with her to make sure Dante is okay.

Dante’s guilt
At the PCPD, Ric is gleeful that Scotty is representing Ava, and asks how Sonny is doing – Dante is surprised Ric even cares, and Ric points out if anyone ever knocked himself off that pedestal, he would have a long way to fall. He chats to Nathan about Sonny, and says how much lying to Lulu is weighing on him. He wonders how different he is than Sonny, he judged him when he cheated his mother, but he’s way worse than he is.. Sonny wasn’t even married when he cheated. The betrayal is killing him, Nathan asks if he’s still planning to tell Lulu? He hates himself for cheating, but wants to tell her the truth and deal with the fallout.. but that will destroy his marriage. A guilty conscience is the lest he deserves, he needs to be the best husband and father he can be. Plus Valerie is with Dillon now. Nathan decides to tell Dante the truth about her and Dillon, when Lulu and Valerie arrive at the station. Lulu interrupts then, pulls Dante aside to tell him what a good son, husband and father he is.. he asks what he would do without her, while Valerie and Nathan look on.

Morgan is upset
TJ tells Morgan and Michael how scared he was, but Morgan is just angry they’re letting Julian out of jail. He grills TJ, who can’t answer his questions, and Morgan yells that he owes them – he insists he has no more information, and Michael tells Morgan that’s enough. Morgan wonders why the hell he’s protecting Julian, they all know he did it! Kristina arrives and gives them a big hug, and asks how they’re doing, and wants to see Sonny. Morgan tells her they asked Carly to make the decision to operate, and Morgan never wants to feel like they’re losing him again. Michael greets Sonny’s guards, and wants someone watching his room at all times. Michael thinks the person responsible will come after him again.

Ava’s hearing
At home, Julian gets a call from Sam, he insists he had nothing to do with the shooting but can take care of himself. He gets a call from Ava and she tells him Scott Baldwin is her lawyer – he hates Sonny and also took the recording that implicates her when he left the DA’s office. And now that Sonny is down. she plans to get her baby back!

At Ava’s hearing, Ric arrives in court and Scotty notices he doesn’t look happy. The judge asks him to speak first, and he requests a continuance, but Scotty says she has been waiting for two years. The two start to bicker, and after the judge admonishes them, Scotty says all the prosecution has to do is play the recording, what’s the delay? Ric says he was unable to locate the flash drive with the recording. Scotty wonders how he lost a very important piece of evidence? He says Scotty checked it out of the evidence locker, and it was supposed to be in his office, but the office was searched by officers for the Madeline Reeves case. The judge demands the commissioner be brought into court and Ric accuses Scotty of stealing it, but he has no proof he’s responsible. The judge tells Scotty he bears some responsibility for removing the evidence – he wont’ be charged, but his actions will be brought to the state committee. He moves to have all charges against Ava dropped as the case was built on this evidence! The judge decides to dismiss the charges against her without prejudice – which means there is no statute of limitations. When the flash drive is located, she will stand trial for the murder… in the meantime, she is free to go. She shrieks and hugs Scotty!

The Davis girls reunited
Molly walks in and starts in on Julian, but Sam says they need to give him the benefit of the doubt – Molly states she doesn’t when Alexis arrives home. She gets a hug from her daughters and brings Kristina home with her! They are thrilled to see her and she asks if there are any leads on the shooting, Molly says Julian is a suspect, but Sam points out they let him go because they didn’t have any evidence. Alexis tells them he has given up organized crime and she believes him, but the girls don’t have to agree with her. They share a loving group hug, Kristina decides to visit Sonny in the hospital and leaves, and Molly follows, off to study. Sam tells Alexis everyone connected to Sonny thinks Julian is the shooter.

Sonny is awake!
From his hospital bed, a groggy Sonny tells Carly he’s sorry he missed their wedding. She shows him the wedding vows, and admits she read them.. every words was beautiful, and he was right. It’s worth weathering every storm to be there.. she tells him the kids are fine now that he’s getting better, and she loves him so much. Kristina walks in.. “dad?”. Carly leaves them alone to talk, Kristina wants to tell him how much she loves him.. and how important family is to her. She starts to cry, and says she is proud to be his daughter.. she promises she will tell him she loves him every single day. She asks him to promise to be more careful, she can’t imagine losing him. He says he isn’t going anywhere. She thinks Julian had him shot, but Sonny doesn’t want her worrying about him, or fight with her sisters.

Carly sits with Michael and ask what Milo is doing there? Michael tells her Sonny needs to be protected.

Morgan approaches Milo, he needs a favor.

Alexis arrives at Julian’s and gives him a big hug – he tells her he had nothing to do with Sonny’s shooting, but since he’s a marked man now, he needs to get out of town as he isn’t safe. Alexis reminds him he needs to be present for his trial, and he asks if she will come with him? She insists that Sonny won’t hurt her, what about Molly and Kristina? She can’t leave her daughters behind, Julian pleads with her – she is safer in hiding with him, plus he can’t leave without her.

Ric talks to Lomax on the phone – he doesn’t know who took the evidence.

Ava wants the flash drive from Scotty but he wants the $5 million first… they open the door of his room and it has been trashed!

Dante tells Lulu he’s feeling better and gives her a passionate kiss. Nathan asks Valerie how she’s doing, but says he hasn’t yet told Dante about her unrequited feelings. She asks him not to…

Michael visits Sonny – he loves him and that is never going to change. They admit they missed each other, and Michael starts to tear up, they both messed up but it’s over now. He mentions they all spoke to him before surgery, does he remember that?

Sonny remembers Morgan saying he’s going to kill Julian!

Kristina asks Carly how Morgan is doing, and wonders where he is?

Morgan arrives at Julian’s door with a loaded gun…

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