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General Hospital on 9/18/2015 – Paul helps out Dillon, Patrick’s family birthday, Morgan on the loose with a gun…

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy walks in on Paul, upset that he just sent his divorce papers in the mail, she gives him a consoling hug. Maxie and Dillon walk in, arguing about the movie – he also received a cease and desist order from the mayor’s office so the movie is off as they don’t have the proper permits. He missed a new ordinance and can’t afford to hold up production. Paul offers to help… he actually knows Janice Lomax… they went to law school together! And he is her achilles heel – she had a crush on him and he could wrap her around his little finger. Dillon asks him to call the mayor, and Paul leaves a message for her. They have a friendly chat, and Paul informs Dillon the cease and desist order has been lifted – but Janice wants to see him in person now. Tracy tells him he has lit a fire, but Paul laughs it off as he isn’t interested in her. After he leaves, Tracy tells Maxie and Dillon that Paul isn’t dealing well with his divorce, Dillon is pleased he went out of his way to help him.. and TRacy thinks he has turned into a real stand up guy.

The missing flash drive!
Scott and Ava return to his ransacked room.. the flash drive with her confession recording is gone! Ava freaks out, but Scotty thinks Ric Lansing hired someone to break in while they were in court. Her days may be numbered, but Scotty tells her she still owes him $5 million! He reminds her she is a free woman because of him, but she tells him he has to get her the flash drive or he won’t see one red cent of her money. She demands he get it back – in the meantime, their business is concluded.

Carly notices Morgan is missing, and fills Kristina in about his recent issues.

Dr Drake’s birthday party
Patrick arrives home to a family surprise birthday party, planned by Emma. He’s thrilled to come home to the people he loves and they surround him while he opens his presents. Danny gives him a framed picture he drew, and Emma gives him “trouble dolls”, little dolls he can tell all his troubles too. Anna tells Sam she thought better of Sloane, it’s too bad he couldn’t help them, and Sam wonders if there is more going on between them? Anna dodges the answer, and they return to the birthday. Sam has one more present for Patrick – a guitar! He is touched how well she knows him, and they bring out a cake with candles.. Emma asks what he will wish for, and he says it has already come true. The kids leave with Anna and Patrick thanks Sam for everything, but she says he deserves to be fussed over, and the two kiss. He feels like the luckiest guy in the world, and doesn’t want it to end. He wants to marry her!

Michael looks for Morgan
Sonny tells Michael that Morgan is going to kill Julian! Michael insists he will deal with it and tells Carly about it.. they ask Milo if he’s going after Julian Jerome? Yes, and he has a gun. Carly leaves a message for Morgan, she’s worried he’s having a bi-polar episode.. she wants to go find him, but Michael thinks he will listed to him instead. She agrees and he asks Milo for help tracking him. Carly goes back into Sonny’s room and she explains that Michael has gone looking for Morgan, and he will be okay. The best thing he can do is stay calm.. Michael will find him! Kristina approaches Carly, she wants to know what’s going on, and finds out that Morgan has gone after Julian with a gun. She points out that her mom could be with Julian, so he might hurt her too!

Morgan lets himself into Julian’s apartment, gun pointed, but his place is empty. He isn’t going to let him try to kill his dad again, and walk out.. leaving the door slightly ajar.

Michael and Milo arrive at Julian’s, and find the place empty..

Michael returns to the hospital, they haven’t found Morgan yet and Kristina starts to freak out her mom could het caught in the crossfire – where ever Julian is, that’s where Alexis is.

Ava returns home to Julian’s empty apartment an starts to freak out – it isn’t fair! But first she needs to goodbye to Denise De Muccio, and starts to cut her hair, blonde hair dye at the ready. Scotty calls her with the news that he hasn’t found the flash drive – Ava points out that if he wants the $5 million, he’ll find a way to get it.

A hideout for Julian
Alexis and Julian arrive at her place, she had rented lake house as a surprise weekend getaway for them – it’s where he can go to hide. She can’t go with him, and insists she isn’t in danger herself, and agrees to drive up there together. No one but them knows about the cabin, he will be safe there. After they leave, TJ comes out from behind a door.. he heard the whole thing. He finds the address on the table and as he’s about to leave, Morgan arrives at the door! He quickly hides his gun, and asks if anyone is there.. TJ says he and Molly had a fight, and insists he still can’t tell him any more about who shot Sonny. He asks TJ if he knows where Julian and Alexis are right now? TJ asks what he’s doing there, Morgan says he has to stop Julian but TJ replies he needs to stay out of it.. this is Sonny’s business! An irrational Morgan yells at him – if he knows, he needs to tell him where Julian is..

A blonde Ava is interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Paul Hornsby.. he thinks he can help her.

TJ remembers his promise to Sonny that he will repay his debt. He never saw who fired the gun, but also recalls Morgan grilling him about Julian – just then, Michael and Milo arrive, looking for Morgan.

Kristina leaves a message for Alexa, Morgan might be coming after Julian.

Alexis and Julian arrive at the cabin, and start to kiss.. just as she starts to leave, he pulls her close for kiss when Morgan walks out of the shadows with a gun pointed.. “what’s your rush?”

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