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General Hospital on 9/21/2015 – Morgan vs Julian, Paul’s plan for Ava, Sonny asks for Jake, Sam hesitates…

Sam is stunned by Patrick’s proposal but admits she has been thinking about it too! He doesn’t have a ring as he didn’t plan it, but seeing her when he came home made it feel right. He talked about it with Lucas and also Elizabeth, who wants them to get married! She’s a little puzzled by that, and Patrick wonders if she’s ready for the next step? He thinks their life is perfect together, he loves listening to her, and how she is with Emma.. and they’re on the same page. It’s the best feeling in the world. She hesitates.. and admits it’s because of Jason. She tells him how much she loves him, but the timing feels strange as tomorrow is her anniversary. He asks if tomorrow was just a regular day, would she say yes? She doesn’t want to answer now, it’s too important to her – she wants it to be about them, not past relationships. She has butterflies with him, and he gives her a feeling of permanence. She believes in them and their family, and leans in for a kiss.

Paul needs Ava
Ava opens the door to Paul, who says he can help her… and shows her a flash drive with her murder confession. She tries to snatch it from him, and asks who is.. he asks her to invite him in, like the civilized adults they are! He pours himself a drink and tells her the recording could put her back in jail.. she assumes it’s about money, but he says it’s a little more complicated. It’s not about money or sex.. it’s about power! They will run the Jerome organization together.. and he’s been going up against Sonny for months now. It hasn’t been Julian, it’s him.. and admits he shot Sonny, and framed Julian! It’s a perfect time for them to snatch up his territories. Ava says no, but Paul shows her the flash drive – she has no choice but to do his bidding. She asks why he needs her?

Paul’s history
Dillon is thrilled that Paul was able to help him out, and Maxie points out she noticed the sparks flying between Tracy and Paul. Maxie insists Tracy tell her about the history between her and Paul. Tracy explains he was involved in some shady deals.. organized crime! He was involved in a cartel to gain economic control of the harbor – they used violence, and the motive was greed. He was strong-armed by the cartel, but Tracy says he’s grateful he got out. Maxie wonders why she’s reluctant to get involves, but Tracy says she has been burnt too many times – Dillon agrees that she should proceed with caution. Maxie says life is so much better when you have someone to share it with, Dillon and tells her that Paul is very different from Luke. But all they have in common is him (their son) and a broken marriage. Maxie reminds them that sharing a child creates a major bond, and she notices that Tracy smiles when she’s with Paul. She thinks she should jump in with both feet.

The search for Morgan
Michael and Milo ask TJ where Morgan is?? He dodges the question and says Julian getting roughed up wouldn’t be the worse thing, but they tell him he has a gun. Milo pleads with him that he made a mistake and they have to fund him – Michel says he can stop it now, and TJ admits Morgan was there. He also admits he overheard Julian and Alexis when they were leaving. Michael yells at him that he needs to stop this, and pleads with him to tell him where he is before it’s too late!

Morgan confronts Julian!
Outside the cabin, Morgan has Julian and Alexis at gunpoint! Julian pulls a gun on HIM but he puts hit down and kicks it over.. Morgan orders them both inside and Alexis says this isn’t him. Morgan agrees, but this dirt bag shot his dad.. Julian says he’s sorry, and Alexis tries to step in, but Morgan accuses her of sleeping with the guy who put his dad in the hospital on their wedding day. Julian says he’s out the business,when Morgan snaps – you’re LYING! Morgan says he’s going to put a bullet in him.. Julian says they’re are plenty of rival families out there who will be going after his territory and insists Charlie was lying. He was probably instructed to thrown him under the bus to throw suspicion off his real boss.

Alexis tells him to put the gun down for Sonny, he wouldn’t want Morgan avenging him.. Julian continues to insist he wasn’t involved but Morgan doesn’t buy it. Alexis pleads with him that Sonny is barely alive.. if he pulls the trigger, it will kill him. Plus if he shoots Julian, he will go to prison and Sonny will not be able to handle that as he will blame himself for what Morgan did. Julian promises it wasn’t him, and Morgan asks if it wasn’t him, who was it? Morgan tells him to stop getting in his head – Alexis tells him if she shoots Julian, he has to shoot her too. Julian insists he let Alexis go, and Morgan demands her phone. She hands it over and Julian tells her to get out of there!

At the hospital
Elizabeth walks into Sonny’s room to check his vitals, Carly tells him everything is going to be okay and leaves the room. She tells him he needs to get some rest, he stops her and tells her how happy he is she got her son back – he just wishes Jason was still alive to see him.

Carly tries to call Michael and runs into Jake – he brought her some coffee and asks about Sonny, and how she is. She is worried about Morgan and he asks if he can help? He finds out Morgan is hell-bent on killing Julian Jerome, and she doesn’t know if Michael has found him yet. Carly says Morgan is worked up – if he kills Julian he will go to prison, he won’t survive that and she hopes Michael will find him in time. Jake tells her he will go looking for them, when Liz comes out of Sonny’s room.. he’s asking for Jake!

Lying on the couch together, Patrick tells Sam he understands – he loves everything about her, including her history with Jason. She says she can picture herself married to him one day, and they kiss…

Sonny thanks Jake for showing up right on time – as he starts to fall asleep, he says he can always count on him.. Jason.

Dillon wonders where Paul is, he hopes he didn’t run into any problems?

Paul tells Ava he wants to be the man behind the curtain, and needs a face – being a silent partner will enable him to be in control while his family remains in the dark.

Julian tells Alexis she needs to leave, her daughters need her. She tells him she loves him, Morgan points the gun at Julian’s chest and yells at her to go!

Alexis runs outside and sees Michael.. she frantically yells that his brother has a gun, he’s going to pull the trigger.. when a shot rings out!

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