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General Hospital on 9/25/2015 – Sam & Jake, Paul gives Ava instructions, Carly tells Sonny about Ava & more!

Alexis tells Julian her impressions of Paul, he believes that Julian may have been framed and she hopes Sonny and his family realize they were wrong, and find who the real shooter was. He tells her about Patrick’s proposal to Sam – it was bad timing, but they’re okay, and Alexis hopes he ask again. Julian hopes she can get over her grief, and Patrick is a better option anyway! being with a surgeon is a better choice than being in a crazy violent business.

Paul summons Ava to a meeting, threatening her with the “missing” confession.. he calls it a “mutually acceptable agreement”, not blackmail, and wants to talk business. He has arranged a sit down with the Five Families and she will be taking his place at the table. He tells her it’s not open for discussion, but she explains she has a court order to be with Avery – she’s coming home tomorrow. If she goes public as head of the Jerome organization, Sonny will use it against her in a custody fight. He tells her he can use his influence as DA and points out Sonny is in the same boat. He needs her at the meeting – he also doesn’t expect Sonny to be there, so without representation, she will take command, sending a signal that the Jerome organization is alive and thriving. She thinks he will send someone, and tells her she will provide information on Sonny’s shooting – he wants her to name Julian, and she doesn’t have a choice. She doesn’t want to do it, and threatens to name HIM as the shooter.. if he’s dead, there will be no recording. He tells her he has taken precautions in case of a betrayal, and needs to go over exactly what she is going to say.

Ric arrives to discuss a strategy to keep Avery with Sonny, while Sonny plays with her in his hospital room. Carly breaks the bad news to him that Ava is out of jail, all charges have been dropped. She explains Ric lost the recording and his job but they can reinstate the charges if the recording is found. She also tells him Ava is coming for Avery, and shows him the court order. Sonny wonder how any judge can give her access, but the document says she’s coming for her in the morning.

Ric tells Michael and Morgan he needs to speak to Sonny right away – it’s about who shot Sonny. They want to know what’s going on, and he tells him about the Five Families sit down, and he insists he will be representing Sonny at the meeting. Michael tells him his sole job is protect Avery, and when Morgan volunteers, Michael reminds him their father doesn’t want him anywhere near the business. Morgan starts to get upset, but Michael says they can’t risk him losing his temper, he’s too volatile – HE will attend the meeting. He says it’s just one meeting, he can state the family’s position and make sure nothing bad happens to Sonny again.

Morgan and Michael take Avery away, Sonny tells Cary he’s ready for whatever Ava is going to do – Ava Jerome is no mother, and they will do whatever it takes to make to make sure she doesn’t get her hands on his daughter. If the justice system doesn’t care of Ava, he will take of her himself!

At the hospital, Patrick overhears Liz saying she and Jake have set their wedding date – November 6th, and congratulates her! He tells her that Jason is stopping him and Sam from doing the same – she turned down his proposal because it was her wedding anniversary. Liz says it’s just bad timing, but Patrick thinks there is more to it, maybe it’s just an excuse as she’s not ready to move on. Liz argues that Sam loves him, but Patrick says she is still in love with Jason, maybe they’re not meant to be together? Liz snaps at him “that’s not true!”, and proceeds to give him advice. He tells he doesn’t plan in to give up, but is surprised but her intensity. She says she’s just being a cheerleader, and wants everyone else to be happy. Patrick remembers the struggle to let Robin go, the only way to move on is to accept the other person is gone, and Sam has to do this herself.

Sam is surprised to see Jake at the Noodle Buddha, she tells him this is where she got married! He sits down with her, and she explains how it all happened, and he points out he had a flashback of her being on the back of his motorcycle. She assumes it’s when he gave her a ride to Patrick’s, and shares the news that he proposed, but she has turned him down as it doesn’t feel right. Four years ago today, she and Jason were married – this isn’t her first anniversary without Jason, but it feels different somehow. He asks why she brought her figurines to the restaurant, she thought she could come full circle with Jason, and find a way to let him go. Jake asks if it’s working? She wanted to say yes to Patrick, but couldn’t say the words. A part of what makes them work is that they have both loved and lost before, and are very lucky to have found love again. She needs to do something official to cement in her heart that Jason is gone, to allow herself to move forward. Jake asks if she really wants to let him go.. maybe she wants to keep him alive in some way?

The Five Families meet, and Michael introduces himself as Michael Corinthos III.

Carly tells Sonny she will help him fight, but doesn’t want any bloodshed – there is something that can help the win.. if he marries her, right now!

Paul is on the phone, and mentions Ava is at the sit down, but she is unpredictable.

While the families have a moment of silence for a departed member, Ava waltzes in sits down in his chair! She introduces herself and she has information they seek.. who shot Sonny Corinthos!

Julian is happy he has put the mob behind him, and is super excited knowing he and Alexis have a wonderful future together.

Patrick tells Liz Sam is doing something today to get ready to accept his proposal – Liz hopes he gets what he wants, and that Sam’s plan works.

Sam wonder whey she would hold on to a dead person.. it doesn’t make sense. He asks why she’s holding on to a ghost – she hesitates, and admits deep down, she thinks Jason is still alive!

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