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General Hospital on 9/3/2015 – Nikolas confronted about the election, kidnapped TJ calls Sonny and more!

At Wyndemere, Hayden tells Nik they were talking about Jake before they kissed in her flashback, but Nik claims he doesn’t remember. She remembers him telling her to stop making threats against Jake – maybe Sam and Jake are right that she knows his real identity?

Sloane connects with Anna
Sloane sees the wedding cake outside the diner.. then meets Anna. He points out she seems a little distant, and wonders if there’s a chance for them? Anna says she had to leave town in order to properly grieve – there is no closure as Duke’s death is a wound that will never leave, but she did get perspective on what she did to Carlos.. and him. It was wrong reaching out to him for comfort, she can’t fulfill the expectations it created. She isn’t sure they have a romantic future, but she needs his help! She wants him to come forward with the knowledge that Nik fixed the election – Michael has hired Sam to dig up dirt, and she realizes Sloane has the dirt.. leverage so he will give up ELQ. Sloane says no, he can’t do that.. not even for her. He wonders why she even cares, she says she wants to get justice – Felicia is the rightful mayor and Nikolas stole that from her. She is meant to be one of the good guys – it doesn’t make up for what she did, but is a step in the right direction. She needs to know she’s capable of doing the right thing and tearfully asks Sloane to help her. She wants him to go on the record about Lomax and Nik, tell the truth about the election. She asks him to go to Nikolas, tell him he’s willing to go to Jordan about the whole thing – he kisses her hand and agrees to go to Wyndemere.

Nikolas is confronted!
Sam and Jake stand outside Wyndemere, Sam thinks they can get Anna to work with them but she wants to go inside and rattle Nikolas’ chain. She isn’t pleased Jake “stomped all over” her joy and he sarcastically apologizes and she rings the doorbell. The two stroll in and Hayden asks what they’re doing there? Jake claims he’s there to check up on her, and Sam apologizes for barging in, she insisted on coming with him. She reminds her about what she said before she was shot, and asks if there has been any progress on the memory front? Hayden says she and Nik were actually talking about that. It was a memory that took place in this room, Sam reminds her she told them someone else knew who Jake was, could she be talking about Nikolas? Nik jumps in, denies having any knowledge of who Jake was before he came to Port Charles, maybe it was Helena? He mentions that Hayden knew his grandmother in Europe, but Helena would never disclose any information about Jake – Hayden wonders why he wouldn’t tell her she knew his grandmother before? Nik figures Sam and Jake only came buy to make more accusations against him, and sorry they waster their trip. Sam replies she doesn’t think that was the case at all! Sam receives a text from Anna and tells Nik Anna is back – she told her all about him rigging the election. Since it’s a federal crime, either Nikolas goes to prison or gives ELQ back to Michael.

A kidnapped TJ
At the warehouse, a bound TJ tells Charlie he’s made a big mistake and has to let him go! Charlie says he was carefully selected, he knows who his mother is, but has an immunity deal to testify against Julian. Dicky walks in and asks Charlie if he has heard from the boss – TJ flat out asks if they work for Julian Jerome? Charlie kicks Dicky out, and TJ wonders if Julian knows about this.. when a call comes in.. Charlie says everything is according to plan, receives instructions then points a gun at TJ with a phone. He better be convincing!

Sonny gets a call
Sonny watches wedding preparations at the house, when Ric arrives to tell him Charlie has been let go – the man who hijacked his shipments. He thinks he can get a “bigger fish” conviction but tells Sonny all he needs to worry about today is getting married. He tells Ric he’s worried about Morgan, Ric assumes it has to do with Ava Jerome – Sonny explains he went on a bender after the break-up with Kiki, but he will be at the wedding. He’s not sure about Michael though. Morgan comes downstairs with a coffee, greets Ric and sarcastically mentions his mother-in-law shot Silas, which led to Ava being exposed and his world blowing up as he knows it. Grazielia walks in and mentions that TJ hasn’t arrived back with the cake yet. Sonny receives a call from Carly and explains that Morgan is there with her, but has another call he has to take! He tells her he can’t wait to marry the hell out of her…

With a gun pointed at his chest, TJ tells Sonny they have a problem. He says he’s with guys who grabbed him outside of Kellys and he gives Sonny an exact address.. they need him to come alone, or they will shoot him. Sonny tells him not to worry and tells Morgan he has to take care of something.. he will be back in plenty of time for the wedding. Morgan apologizes to him, Sonny says he will always love him no matter what he says or does. He gives him a hug and says see you soon!

PCPD update
At the PCPD, Jordan and Dante turn their attention back to the hijacker – he was let go in exchange for testimony against Julian. Dante thinks he could still go after Sonny, and Jordan is more worried about TJ living under his roof. Jordan mentions how Ric has been sucking up to Lomax like crazy, Dante wonders if he’s pushing the case against Julian to score points with Sonny? He thinks Ric is desperate for Sonny’s approval and says he keeps his own feelings about him as a father separate. He mentions he has to leave for the wedding and reminds Jordan that TJ will be at the house, Dante reassures her that Sonny isn’t going to let anything happen to her son.

Mother and son!
Michael talks to Carly about Sonny and AJ – he promised he wouldn’t hurt him, he never thought he would break a promise. Carly insists Sonny is sorry, but Michael says he can’t forgive Sonny and pretends it’s okay. He then surprises and delights Carly by saying he will be at the wedding. She asks more about his dream, he hasn’t changed his mind about Sonny, and he won’t be at the wedding because of him. It’s for Morgan – he’s feeling pretty rotten. Carly asks for details, he tells her Kiki broke up with him after finding out he slept with Ava and wanted him to have his back at the wedding. Carly is pleased he reached out to him – she thought this all might happen, Carly wonders where he is?? She calls Sonny and he tells her Morgan is with him, don’t worry they they will talk about it later. She thanks Michael for coming to ceremony, he says he’s also coming fro her and wishes her every happiness! It’s clear how much she and Sonny love each other and she IS the best mom in the world.. he really wants her to be happy, she hugs him close and tells him to go be with the boys!

Anna greets Jordan in her office! She mentions a situation has arisen with Sloane and she needs her help.

Nik asks Sam why he would rig an election, does she have proof? Sam mentions they have his co-conspirator Kyle Sloane.. Nik wonders where he is when Sloane strolls in! Nik coldly stares at him..

Carly flashes back to her conversation with Sonny, this is their chance for a new beginning..

Dante and Morgan are chatting when Michael arrives – Morgan mentions Sonny had to leave to take care of something.

TJ taunts Charlie about Sonny’s protection and is going to flatten him! Charlies kicks over a chair and threatens him, but TJ says he needs him.. at that moment Sonny walks in.. alone.

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