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General Hospital on 9/4/2015 – Sloane backs Nikolas, Carly gets ready for her wedding, Sonny is shot!

At the PCPD, Anna needs Jordan to guarantee Sloane immunity after helping Nikolas fix the election. Anna says she can guarantee his testimony, and trusts Jordan to see it though, but Jordan is worried it might come down to the mayor and Nikolas’ word against a disgruntled employee. They need evidence. Jordan thinks she could still go after Nik for corporate espionage, but Anna just wants Kyle to receive protection.. Jordan asks if something has changed between them? Anna admits they slept together. He revealed another side to his personality and he was someone she could rely on.. it happened the night before she went away. She says they aren’t together now.. it’s not going to happen. Anna says Duke is still in her heart, he’s only been gone fro a few months, and she’s not ready.. and not with Kyle. She went to a dark place after Duke died, and Kyle is caught up in that. Jordan says he’s biased against Duke, but he loved her – would he want her chained to his memory? He would want her to be happy. Anna thanks her for the advice and Jordan says she will make sure she gets Sloane immunity from Ric.

Jake and Sam confront Nikolas
At Wyndemere, Jake and Sam tell Nik they know he rigged the election, with Sloane. Sam suggests he can give ELQ back to Michael or face prison.. he tells her the company is his and they should leave, so she turns to Sloane and asks if they were partners in crime? Sloane says yes, it’s true. Sam says they’re not bluffing.. return the company and walk away. Jake deices to got to the station, but Sloane says that’s not going to happen. He isn’t going to testify to the police about Mr. Cassadine role in the election – he can’t perjure himself. He claims the only relationship he had with Nikolas was to help whim obtain shares for ELQ? Sam is shocked and asked how much Nik is paying him? Sloane knows nothing about the election… they explain how the box was found an returned, and that’s all he’s goig to say. He tells Sam that Nic has done nothing wrong, he’s there to tell them that, and goes to see hismelf out. Nikolas thanks them for the drama and asks them to leave.

Olivia bumps into Julian
Olivia is on the phone, taking Rocco for a walk on the docks when she sees Julian! Liv mentions she’s just babysitting while Dante and Lulu are at Sonny’s wedding. Carly knows Sonny better than anybody and understands his business.. just like him and Alexis? He says not anymore, he quit the business. He stops her before she leaves.. and he asks her about her conversation with Alexis, and insists he is out of the business – Charlie lied, which is something Olivia would know a little about. He reminds her she lied to him about her pregnancy the entire time – he thanks her for apologizing for hurting him, he knows it probably wasn’t easy. She tells him she has no grudge, but won’t be his friend, after he sent Carlos to murder Duke. He says Carlos worked lone, but Liv reminds him they’re both liars, so why knows?

An excited bride
Maxie is helping Carly with her wedding, admires flowers from Jake and whisks them off into the kitchen while Carly is giddy with excitement. Carly happily mentions Michael is coming, which stresses out Maxie.. then Bobbie, Lulu and Valerie arrive, excited to help. Maxie wants Carly to change into her dress, but they have some presents for her first.. Maxie gives her something new (a bracelet), Valerie gives her something borrowed (Patricia’s cross necklace), Lulu gives her something blue (a garter). Lulu reminisces how Dante enjoyed taking a garter off her after their wedding, while Valerie looks on, a little uncomfortable. Bobbie gives her something old, a handkerchief – it was made from a baby bonnet she wore before Bobbie gave her up for adoption. It shows her love for her. Carly is touched and Maxie jumps in, it’s for her to get ready! Lulu and Valerie are left alone, Lulu mentions there something she has to say. She tells Valerie she wants them to have a good relationship, there’s not reason they can’t be proper cousins now. She’s optimistic about them, and they need a fresh start – Valerie smiles and says she would like that too, and they hug.

Sonny gets called away!
At the house before the wedding, Morgan tells Michael and Dante that Sonny received a call, then left to take care of something. They wonder if he’s in trouble.. Dante decides to find out where Charlie is right now. He calls the station and also asks them to look out for his father, while Michael chats to Morgan. He’s at the wedding for him, and Morgan thanks him.. he didn’t want to guilt him into coming though. Michael tells him he has his back and asks how he ended up at Sonny’s after he dropped him off at Carly’s place? He explained he stayed out all night and had too much to drink – he went straight to Sonny’s, and he was amazing. He talked him down and really came through for him.. he reminds Michael that he isn’t going to give up on either of them. And Sonny still loves him. Dante returns, worried there’s no sign of Charlie.. or their father. They find it odd that he didn’t take any men with him.. Morgan says it’s a bad sign.

Drama at the docks!
Sonny tells Charlie he made a mistake and instructs him to untie TJ and let them leave – or he will wish he never heard the name Sonny Corinthos. He calls him stupid.. he’s better off in police custody, his own boss is risking his life. Charlie points a gun at him, while Sonny angrily asks when Julian is going to show up.. and what exactly does he want? Charlie claims he said Julian gave him orders so the DA would let him go back out on the street. Sonny tells him to stop wasting his time, get Julian in here! He tells Carlie to untie TJ and let them leave, otherwise they will keep playing the game until Julian does or doesn’t show up. He snaps and yells “are you gonna shoot me.. or not??”. He continues to question Charlie, who says he’s going to be dead, then he turns the gin on TJ, maybe that’s the only option left to him. Sonny tells his to wait for further instructions, but Charlie notices Sonny is more nervous when he points the gun at TJ! Sonny tells him he wants to walk away with his life – he will untie TJ and let him leave, and Sonny will be his only hostage. He lunges at Charlie to grab the gun and the two men struggle.

Hayden asks if all his visitors leave so angry? She also thinks Sam and Jake might be right that he knows who Jake is..

Sam wonders why Sloane would tell Anna he would work with them.. maybe she doesn’t know his as well as she thinks?

Sloane arrives to see Anna.

Michael, Morgan and Dante about Sonny while Carly shows her dress to the girls..

Sonny points the gun at Charlie, yells at him to untie TJ – if all goes well, he may decide to let him live. While Charlie unties TJ, Sonny says he made plans with Carly and nothing is going to stop him, but a gloved hand is holding a gun pointed straight at them!

Sam and Jake hear a shot ring out – Jake throws Sam to the ground and protects her.

TJ yells at Sonny, who looks down and sees blood on his white shirt – he’s been shot and falls to the ground!

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