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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 10 – 14, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Jason and Sam celebrate Easter with the kids.
Alexis tells Kristina she thinks Julian is alive.
Anna bugs Valentin’s watch!
Finn lands in the hospital, ready for rehab.
Olivia is starting to worry about Dante.
Charlotte may be changing her mind…
Laura shows her strength and determination.
Valentin receives an unexpected present.
Dante gets closer to the truth about Morgan’s meds.
Griffin is there for a desperate Finn.
Hayden makes her unfortunate choice…
Franco gets pulled further into Jake’s story.
Sonny explodes with rage after being wronged!
Sam shares important information with Alexis.
Valentin is determined to keep Nina happy.
Alexis can’t quite figure out what’s going on
Jason and Franco have another confrontation over Jake.
Nina heads to Wyndermere.
Jax wants to fix all that he has broken…
Andre isn’t afraid to share his feelings!
Franco is puzzled by a message from Jake.
Nelle makes a confession, which leaves Sonny reeling.
Jason and Sam are caught off-guard…
Anna’s interest in Valentin puts her at risk.
Finn’s actions force Brad to make a decision.