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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 13 – 17, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Nina and Franco hit a bumpy patch.
Avery disappears from the hospital!
Felix offers to get the allergy medication tested.
Ellie finds out about Maxie and Spinelli, but decides not to leave town yet.
Franco makes a deal.
Bobbie begs Scotty for help, he agrees to spare Luke from jail.
Dante questions Michael while Nathan grills Nina..
Sabrina is there for Michael.
Luke’s dark half returns, but he sends him away!
Sonny goes to see Luke.
Duke makes a realization thanks to Lucy.
Hayden’s story starts to become clear!
Ned and Alexis work together to get what they want from Michael.
Nathan wonders what Silas is doing in New York City?
Silas agrees to give Ava what she wants…
It’s Nina vs her Auntie Liesl.
Jake is intrigued by a photo of Robin.
Nikolas realizes the wedding ring has disappeared.
Kiki confesses to Julian!
Ned admits how he feels about Olivia.
Hayden is pretty clear about what she wants…
Franco wants to fix things.
Carly continues to look for dirt on Hayden.

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