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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 17 – 21, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Sam gets closer to the truth…
Jax has no intention of staying away from Carly!
Nelle really wants to move on…
Dante is worried about what he might find.
Monica stands her ground!
Tracy tries to steal the spotlight from Olivia.
Michael gets Dante involved when Sonny goes looking for Jax!
Sonny gets welcome news from Jason.
Carly realizes she may need Nelle after all.
Finn has no interest in Griffin’s help.
Hayden doesn’t know where she stands…
Julian is alive and under arrest!!
Ned is faced with a surprise visitor.
Jordan shares the news about her relationship with TJ.
Tracy’s plans for the painting are unexpectedly derailed.
Jake makes a shocking statement about Jason.
It’s Jax vs Sonny, and the gloves are off!
Carly has her own ideas of revenge for Nelle.
Scotty takes Ava to the PCPD..
Finn wonders what Tracy is really up to.
When it comes to Jake, Jason and Elizabeth completely agree.