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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 18 – 22, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Alexis convinces Carlos to let her represent him!
Paul is released from jail, thanks to Mayor Lomax.
Obrecht faces off with Dr Finn over Jossyln’s diagnosis.
Sam questions Kristina, who finally opens up to her.
Alexis has some very helpful advice for Carlos.
Monica makes a decision, thanks to Dr Obrecht.
It’s Carlos vs Anna!
Ned and Olivia finally reconnect…
Sam is frightened by a very bad dream!
Mayor Lomax gets involved when Paul is arrested.
Andre is asked to evaluate a prisoner.
Scotty figures out a plan for Anna’s defense.
Anna is shocked by Paul’s emotional confession to her.
Paul thinks Carlos will help them nab Julian.
Franco tries to mend things with Nina, but it goes all wrong.
Nathan and Griffin have an unexpected exchange…
Anna gets the support she needs from Mac and Felicia.
Sonny has strong words for Alexis when it comes to her marriage!
Paul and Anna finally face the music.
Dr. Obrecht gives Franco valuable advice on how to handle Nina.
Felix and Michael get a break in their search for Sabrina.
It occurs to Ned that Tracy may be planning a move…
With pieces in place, Laura is ready to crack Helena’s message.