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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 20 – 24, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Jake finds the wedding ring.
Dante consoles Valerie.
Nikolas admits to Sam he had the ring.
Ellie meets a shirtless Nathan!
Liz wonders what Carly is up to.
Lucy’s on the lookout for talent.
Jake isn’t pleased that Spinelli is digging for dirt on Hayden.
Lulu is just not comfortable with Valerie.
Nikolas and Hayden continue their passion!
Carly gets closer to the truth thanks to Spinelli.
Jordan has had enough of the undercover work.
Mob Boss Duke orders a hit…
Jake is under pressure from Sloane for details on another hit.
Nathan asks Silas what’s up in New York City?
Maxie is on the defensive with Lulu.
Shots are fired!
Sabrina has information on Michael’s allergy meds…
Kiki and Morgan finally admit what they did!
Patrick and Anna have a catch-up.
Spinelli approaches Sam.. he really needs her help.
Jake tries to help while Hayden freaks out.

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