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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 24 – 28, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Tracy continues to dig in her heels!
Dante has critical information for Sonny.
The Quartermaines seek legal recourse.
Tracy gets support from unexpected sources.
Olivia needs to see Julian!
Hayden doesn’t get the news she hoped for.
Griffin is starting to worry about Anna.
Diane has surprising information for Sonny about the divorce!
Jax uses all of his charm to get what he wants.
Nathan begins to feel more frustrated…
Laura is shocked by Tracy’s behavior.
Anna keeps a close watch on Valentin.
Scott devises a plan that could work for everyone.
Ava is tormented and and meets someone who can help.
Dante and Lulu share a happy moment together.
Lucy’s secret is getting the better of her.
Monica is there for Ned when he needs help.
Carly is not happy about Michael and Nelle.
Nina has a plan to spy on Valentin and Anna..
Tracy has a very revealing dream!
Finn’s drug test yields surprising results.
Jason realizes he may be the one responsible for Jake’s issues.