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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 25 – 29, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Out of nowhere, Hale shows up as a witness to Duke’s shooting.
Kiki decides to stay with Franco and Nina, and not with Ava.
Hearing about the past, Jason doesn’t want Jake near Franco.
Alexis is floored when Julian breaks her trust.
Sam and Jason find an ominous sign they’re being watched.
Sonny is furious with Alexis’ surprise courtroom strategy.
Ric is back, and ready to help Sonny.
Franco gets things all wrong where Nina is concerned.
Michael’s search for Sabrina is giving Sonny cause for worry!
Someone new enters Kristina’s life, and his name is Aaron.
Anna has a supporter in Andre, who backs her up.
Tracy tells Hayden she’s fired!
Lucas shifts his focus to his upcoming wedding with Brad.
Jason starts to wonder what’s really driving Sonny.
Franco sticks his nose in, which makes Jason snap.
Things are definitely not going well for Hayden!
Nina and Julian surprisingly find themselves getting closer.
The case against Carlos shifts with a new witness!
Dillon is there for Kiki as she struggles to get her life back.
Jason struggles to deal with his instinctive aggression.
Maxie wonders if she should enlist Sam’s help in her own search.
Dr. Obrecht wants to see Franco back to his old self.