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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 27 – May 1, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Sabrina and Michael share a kiss.
Obrecht plants doubts in Franco’s mind.
Michael has Kiki and Morgan arrested.
A deal is made – charges are dropped and Sonny returns Avery.
Nina throws Franco out.
More drama for Michael as he finds out about Ned’s ELQ stock!
Lulu wants to offload Valerie to Nikolas.
Olivia has Braxton Hicks contractions, with Ned at her side.
Ric shares his plans with Molly.
There’s a proposal at the Nurse’s Ball!
Hayden wants more cash from Ric.
Nikolas stays in the know about ELQ.
Ric has major plans for Elizabeth!
Sam is conflicted about what she heard..
Lucy’s annual Nurse’s Ball kicks off with the red carpet.
Nathan has a date for the Nurse’s Ball.
The event brings back memories for Anna and Duke.
Hayden and Jake get tickets courtesy of Sam.
Carly has major news, and isn’t shy about it.
Brad is in for a surprise!
The attraction between Elizabeth and Jake is definitely mutual!

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