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General Hospital SPOILERS – April 6 – 10, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Elizabeth questions Nikolas about Jake…
Nikolas is floored to hear about Jake’s “wife”.
Patrick notices something between Sam and Jake.
It’s Michael against Kiki and Morgan.
Hayden realizes Nikolas also has a secret!
Spencer offers Emma the ring, she says no.
Jake confesses to Sam about his dream.
Nina visits Silas at GH, but he isn’t there…
Michael worries Sonny will take advantage of the situation.
Tracy and Lulu rally around Luke.
Ned finds out about Franco’s blackmail scheme.
Jake keeps Sloane in the loop.
Nik demands answers from Hayden!
Nathan confides in Lucas about Maxie.
Sabrina has a hunch about Michael.
Emma says no to Spencer.
Nina is annoyed with Franco.
Ned isn’t sure what to do…
Ric is conflicted about the truth.
Ava reminds Silas of his promise.
Avery’s custody could be in question…
Carly and Sonny start to worry about an out-of-control Michael.
Spinelli wants to know how Maxie really feels.

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