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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 1 – 5, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Nina and Valentin meet and quickly hit the sheets!
Lulu and Laura mourn Nikolas as they leave the island.
Jax makes a mysterious call with an update on Carly and Sonny.
Laura thinks the remains might be a ruse, but still isn’t sure.
Scott helps Franco.. and offers advice on his love life.
Dante insists Lulu shouldn’t tell Laura her theory.
Nina catches part of a conversation and decides to act…
Sonny protects Spencer just in the nick of time!
Julian’s legal troubles keep piling up.
Darby has pretty bad news for Dillon.
Jordan hopes to get help from Andre.
Maxie and Nathan have a wedding update!
Jason is back with information to share…
Curtis approaches Nina, digging for dirt on Franco.
Scott and Lucy get closer over a few enjoyable drinks.
A disappointed Dillon confides in Valerie.
Elizabeth comes to Franco’s defense.
Morgan is completely confused by Kiki’s reaction…
Jax is back to help Jossyln!
Sam has it out with Julian..
Kristina decides to confide in Morgan.
Julian realizes he needs Ava’s help.