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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 10 – 14, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Morgan avoids the answer when Carly asks if he killed Silas.
Elizabeth says yes to Jake’s marriage proposal!
Lulu believes she and Dante got through the worst..
A distraught Kiki leans on Sam.
Nikolas invites Hayden to move back into his house.
It’s Nina vs Ava, and the gloves are off!
Jake shares important information with Elizabeth.
Paul and Dillon start to connect.
Things get pretty heated between Lucas and Brad!
Dante and Lulu have a “guest”.
Elizabeth wastes no time keeping Nik in the loop.
Ric makes an unexpected work-related decision.
Sonny claims he has nothing to do with recent mob violence.
Valerie moves out of Wyndemere.
Ava figures out a way to get to Franco.
Valerie receives an apology from Maxie.
Jake learns about Sam and Elizabeth’s past… from Patrick.
Convinced he’s lying, Sonny provokes Julian.
Nathan and Dante are back on the job, big time.
Scotty makes a big move.
The usual unflappable Dr. Obrecht is in for a shock!
Sonny receives an unexpected and intriguing call.
Dillon has quite an impact on Lulu, and she starts to think…

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