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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 15 – 19, 2016

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This Week on General Hospital

Olivia predicts a girl for Dante and Lulu…
The Cassadine Island skeleton is not Luke Spencer!
Nina finds out Claudette is still around.
Elizabeth tell Franco she doesn’t think it would work.
A concerned Tracy reaches out to Luke and leaves a message.
Alexis is banned from practising law for in year.
Griffin tells Claudette the truth has to come out.
Sam shares her baby news with Jason!
Alexis decides to visit Julian and ask for his help.
A nosy Ava overhears a private chat.
Molly and Kristina have a major falling out.
Paul has plans for Jordan…
Valerie accidentally discovers an important clue.
Maxie and Lulu get together to talk wedding plans.
Elizabeth and Jake have an honest exchange.
Dillon knows exactly what Ava is up to!
Michael is surprised by a piece of news.
Nelle is encouraged to stick around.. by Carly!
Ava realizes things may not be going well for Morgan and Kiki.
Alexis decides to come clean to Sonny.
Tracy and Laura realize how much they have in common.
Kiki and Dillon wind up in the same place…