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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 17 – 21, 2015

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This Week on General Hospital

Hayden starts to remember snippets.
Julian is arrested, while proclaiming his innocence!
Jake promises Elizabeth nothing will change his love for her.
Olivia is back, and faced with a dilemma.
Jordan talks to Sonny about the latest mob incidents, and TJ.
Lucas does his best to accept Brad’s story.
Olivia needs to see Sonny about Julian!
Michael shares personal details with Sabrina.
Carly shares her worries about Morgan with Michael.
Elizabeth and Nikolas conspire once again.
Caught out, Ava confesses her identity to Julian.
Carly and Madeline bond over their kids!
Olivia struggles with the lie she told Julian.
Nina starts to put two and two together.
Scotty dishes on Ava!
Still conflicted, Olivia chats to Sonny about Julian.
Julian realizes something is up between Denise and Obrecht.
Nina wants to do the right thing for Franco.
Brad comes clean to Lucas about everything!
Once again, Julian claims he’s not in the mob anymore!
Molly isn’t too happy with TJ’s living arrangements.

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