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General Hospital Spoilers – August 18-22, 2014

GH spoilers Aug 15

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This week on General Hospital

Carly can’t stop thinking about Sonny, while Franco can’t control his jealousy.. and it starts to show.

Britt and Elizabeth put Nikolas on the spot – what’s a prince to do?

Alice has a new heart, but some details start to emerge about her health.

Michael eavesdrops on Tracy and Alice.

Carly and Bobby cover-up for Franco, as any good mother and daughter would do.

Ava and Kiki talk about the baby, but Fluke kills the mood with a sinister request.

Jordan and Shawn plan on keeping their secret just between them..

Ned and Olivia make plans to see a movie… together.

Sabrina is back on Thursday!

Sam heads over to Silas‘ for a look through Rafe’s belongings for evidence… and new information comes to light.

Julian and Ava discuss how to handle Fluke.

Nina is getting desperate to have Silas’ baby.This Week Spoilers
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