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General Hospital SPOILERS – August 21 – 25, 2017

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General Hospital This Week

Nina can’t hide her emotions when it comes to Charlotte.
Carly has choice words for Jason!
Franco needs a favor from Ava, of all people.
Sam doesn’t know what the future holds for her.
Ned and Michael strike a deal…
Kiki and Dillon have a heart-to-heart talk.
Finn has difficulty accepting reality.
Kristina and Valerie find common ground..
Anna and Finn team up to solve the diamond mystery.
It’s judgement day for Julian in court!
Alexis and Carly surprisingly have something in common.
Elizabeth is fascinated by Franco’s art.
Valerie has a blind date!
Sam is at a major crossroads, forced to make a decision.
Ned has strong words for Alexis…
Anna is in need of immediate assistance!
Franco approaches Ava for a favor.